German studio 4a Architekten has renovated the 1950s buildings and outdoor swimming pool at the historic Bad Berg mineral baths in central Stuttgart.

The studio aimed to create a modern facility while retaining the character of Stuttgart’s oldest swimming bath, which was originally established in 1856 but largely built in the 1950s.

德國工作室4a Architekten對位於斯圖加特市中心歷史悠久的Bad Berg礦物浴場的1950年代建築物和室外游泳池進行了翻新。


“The Bad Berg has achieved cult status among the inhabitants of Stuttgart,” said 4a Architekten managing director Matthias Burkart.

“For us, the special challenge was to preserve the unique character of the bath and to interpret the style of the 1950s in a contemporary way, although the existing building had to be reduced to its shell,” he told.

“Bad Berg is not a listed building and it was up to us to find the right balance between preservation, renovation and addition.”

4a Architekten董事總經理Matthias Burkart表示:“巴德伯格(Bad Berg)在斯圖加特的居民中已經獲得了崇拜地位。”


“ Bad Berg並不是一棟受保護的建築,我們需要在保存,翻新和增建之間找到適當的平衡。”

Set in a park in the centre of the town, the facility is built on top of five mineral springs and has two wings built alongside an outdoor pool.

As part of the renovation, both wings were stripped back to their concrete frames while a 1980s addition was demolished and replaced with a modern extension that contains a training pool.

The outdoor pool at the centre of the complex was also entirely rebuilt during the renovation.




“The L-shaped structure of the building with its north and east wings appears rather simple, but the rectangular outdoor pool with the character of a lake is indeed extraordinary and gives the bath a unique selling point,” explained Burkart.

“The building’s main composition, with its two wings and the outdoor swimming pool, bears a consistent signature,” he continued.

“We have retained this characteristic form and reinforced it by extending the east wing with an annex.”

Burkart解釋說:“帶有北翼和東翼的L形結構看上去很簡單,但是具有湖性的矩形室外游泳池確實非同尋常,並為浴缸提供了獨特的賣點。” Burkart解釋說。



Both of the wings were largely enclosed with full-height glazing, which brings light into the indoor pools and other spaces.

Throughout the interiors, 4a Architekten aimed to create a calm atmosphere by combining exposed concrete, wooden slatted ceilings and muted colours.


在整個室內,4a Architekten旨在通過結合裸露的混凝土,木製板條天花板和柔和的色彩來營造一種寧靜的氛圍。

The calm colour and material palettes were combined with pops of colour and character provided by tiling and elements retained from the previous building.


Wooden lockers were reinstalled and glass artworks incorporated into the foyer and new training pool.

In the main indoor pool, the studio collaborated with Stuttgart artist Matthias Kohlmann to create a “graphically designed tiled wall”, which references a previous design in the building.


在主要的室內游泳池中,工作室與斯圖加特(Stuttgart)藝術家Matthias Kohlmann合作,創建了“圖形設計的瓷磚牆”,該牆參考了建築物中的先前設計。

“We took particularly characteristic elements from the old bath, restored and reinstalled them to take up the old charm,” said Burkart.

“Examples are the wooden locker rooms, the special cold water showers with cable pull switches as well as the pendant lights in the bathing hall and the wooden loungers in the outdoor area.”



Along with modernising the facility, Burkart hopes that the studio’s design has also retained the original building’s character.

“I think we have succeeded in capturing the old charm and at the same time redesigning the bath in a contemporary way, and we are very happy about that,” he said.

“Especially since I, as a passionate ‘Bergianer’, can now relax and take a dip in the sparkling mineral water again – because ultimately, the main attraction in Bad Berg is and remains the special mineral water.”




Previous swimming pools published on Dezeen include a geothermal bath on the Icelandic seafront and a leisure centre designed by White Arkitekter that is perched above a fjord.

Photography is by Uwe Ditz.

以前在Dezeen上發布的游泳池包括冰島海濱的地熱浴池和由White Arkitekter設計的休閒中心,該休閒中心位於峽灣上方。

攝影是烏維·迪茨(Uwe Ditz)拍攝的。



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