Breeze of Innovation is a viewpoint for San José, California, designed by SMAR Architecture Studio featuring rods that will sway in the wind and generate the power to light themselves.

SMAR Architecture Studio won the Urban Confluence Silicon Valley competition to design a new landmark for Guadalupe Park and Gardens.

“微風創新”是SMAR Architecture Studio設計的加利福尼亞聖何塞市的景觀,其桿將在風中搖曳並產生照明自身的動力。


The studio, which is led by Fernando Jerez and Belén Pérez de Juan and has offices in Australia, Spain and Lithuania, beat entries from 963 submissions across 72 countries.

Breeze of Innovation will be a tower formed by 500 flexible rods standing 200 feet (61 metres) over the San José park.

Its swaying movement will generate the electricity required for lamps at the tip of the rods to light up at night, creating a shining attraction. The material used for the rods will be decided in the project’s second stage.

該工作室由費爾南多·赫雷斯(Fernando Jerez)和貝倫·佩雷斯·德胡安(BelénPérezde Juan)領導,並在澳大利亞,西班牙和立陶宛設有辦事處,擊敗了來自72個國家/地區的963名參賽者。

Breeze of Innovation將是由200英尺(61米)高的500根柔性桿組成的塔樓,聳立在聖何塞公園上。

它的搖擺運動將產生燈桿頂端的燈在夜間點亮所需的電力,從而產生閃亮的吸引力。 用於棒的材料將在項目的第二階段確定。

A conical void in the centre will allow visitors to walk through the structure and explore its multilevel walkways. Close to the top, a viewing platform will provide views out through the glowing rods and across the valley.

SMAR Architecture Studio also plans to build an exhibition space and a cafe as part of the Breeze of Innovation project.

中心的圓錐形空隙將使遊客可以瀏覽結構並探索其多層走道。 靠近頂部的觀景台將通過發光桿和整個山谷提供視野。

SMAR Architecture Studio還計劃在Breeze of Innovation項目中建立一個展覽空間和一個咖啡館。

“Our goal from the beginning was to capture the ever-changing magic of Silicon Valley while also creating a deep connection with the San José community,” said Jerez, who founded SMAR Architecture studio in 2009.

“This is why we came up with the idea of designing a dynamic landmark, one that is alive, moving with the wind and light, a magical space that includes a tribute to the San José electric light tower of 1881.”

“我們的目標是從一開始就捕捉矽穀不斷變化的魔力,同時也與聖何塞社區建立深厚的聯繫,”赫雷斯說。他於2009年創立了SMAR Architecture工作室。


The electric light tower was a 207-feet-tall (63 metres) tower made of iron pipes and hoops that was fitted with arc lights to act as an early form of street lighting for an intersection in downtown San José.

It became an attraction and was later strung with incandescent bulbs before it blew down in a storm in 1915.

“We want visitors to enjoy a unique experience on their ascent, connecting with the memory of the Valley while dreaming about its future possibilities,” added Jerez.




Breeze of Innovation will be submitted to San José’s city council in May 2021 for approval.

San José is the largest city in Silicon Valley, the swathe of land in northern California where a large cluster of technology companies have their headquarters.

BIG and Heatherwick Studio are currently building the Silicon Valley headquarters for Google, where the Google Design Lab by Ivy Ross has already opened.

Images courtesy of Urban Confluence Silicon Valley.

Breeze of Innovation將在2021年5月提交聖何塞市議會批准。


BIG和Heatherwick Studio目前正在為Google建立矽谷總部,由Ivy Ross設計的Google設計實驗室已在此成立。

圖片由Urban Confluence矽谷提供。



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