Architects: RENGARCH
Area: 576 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Xintong Shi, Bo Lv, Bin Zhang
Manufacturers: Beijing Caishi Floor Tiles, Beijing Jiayu Building Materials, Beijing Yilong Shengxing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Design Team:Rengran Zhang, Xintong Shi, Yunlong Gao, Wei Zhang, Wenxin Chen
Engineering:Wei Zhang
Consultants:Huanjun Cheng and his team
Client:Beijing Fengshiguangju Tourism Development Co. Ltd.


Starting in 2018, the RENGARCH designed a residential building in Housuotun Village, surrounded by mountains in Yanqing district of Beijing. The site plan included a chapel, a tower of childhood and an accommodation area. Regarded as different time points, the chapel for adults and the tower of childhood coexist on the same space line, metaphorizing the growth in life and bringing a unique memory to the local village.

從2018年開始,RENGARCH在北京延慶區四面環山的後所屯村設計了一座居民樓。 該場地計劃包括一個禮拜堂,一個童年之塔和一個住宿區。 作為不同的時間點,成人禮拜堂和童年之塔共存於同一條空間線上,隱喻了生活的增長,並為當地村莊帶來了獨特的回憶。

Self-abased Chapel 自立教堂

There is a small hill which commands an overall view of the village, as the chapel inserts into layers of tiles on the rooftop. The chapel, pointed by the arc wall in the center, is actually an architecture inclining to south. With a hole towards south on the top opening a channel, sunlight enters the inner space. Wherever sunshine can reach, so does the rainwater, which slowly slides down along the wall, gathers at the bottom and flows out. The upper and lower openings form a passage for wind. Visitors can contemplate and leave through a low door. The erected wall extends the atmosphere and leads your eyes to the east after a turn. Light, rain, and wind seem to be amplified in a tightly closed space container. The greater sound of rain and wind in the senses, the light and shadow flowing from day to night, make people feel nature, as the article said at the beginning: facing nature, facing yourself.

當小教堂插入屋頂上的幾層瓷磚時,有一個小山丘可以俯瞰整個村莊。 小教堂的中心是弧形牆,實際上是向南傾斜的建築。 頂部的一個向南的洞打開了一個通道,陽光進入了內部空間。 只要陽光可以到達,雨水就會沿著牆壁緩慢滑下,聚集在底部並流出。 上下開口形成風的通道。 訪客可以考慮並從一扇低門離開。 豎起的牆擴大了氣氛,轉彎後將您的眼睛引向東方。 在密閉的空間容器中,似乎會放大光,雨和風。 正如文章開頭所說,從某種意義上講,雨和風的聲音更大,晝夜流淌的光影使人感覺到自然:面對自然,面對自己。

Tower of Childhood 童年之塔

Different from the experience in the chapel, Tower of Childhood is more like the start point of a story. Like a slide, the tower can be experienced up and down. Below the outdoor stair is a sand pit for playing around. Inside the tower, colorfully painted, is a small world where kids can climb willfully.

與小教堂的經歷不同,《童年之塔》更像是故事的起點。 就像滑梯一樣,塔樓可以上下移動。 在室外樓梯下方是一個供您玩耍的沙坑。 塔內色彩鮮豔,是一個小世界,孩子們可以隨意攀爬。

Start from the Old Prune Tree 從老梅花樹開始

The old prune tree, which grew in the courtyard and carried the whole family’s memory, becomes the initial clue of design. The arc wall around the prune tree horizontally deployed the spatial layout on the ground.

古老的修剪樹長在院子裡,充滿了整個家庭的記憶,成為設計的最初線索。 修剪樹周圍的弧形牆將空間佈局水平放置在地面上。

Accommodation Area 住宿區域

The accommodation area contains seven rooms. Three chimneys stick out from the roof and shape the gradually rising-up spaces. On the second floor, two rooms on the east share a roof terrace where guests can arrive through a steel stair and complete the dialogue to the mountain.

住宿區包含七個房間。 三個煙囪從屋頂伸出,形成逐漸上升的空間。 在二樓,東面的兩個房間共享一個屋頂露台,客人可以通過鋼梯到達那裡並完成與山間的對話。


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