Architects: Wooyo Architecture
Area: 520 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: YHLAA
Lead Architect: Hom Liou
Team Designer:Bruce Wang, Austin Lin, Hong Tao You, Isan Xue
Architects:Wooyo Architecture
City:Taipei City
Country:Taiwan (ROC)

首席建築師:Hom Liou
團隊設計師:王uce(Bruce Wang),林Au(Austin Lin),遊洪濤(You Tao),薛Xue(Isan Xue)

The building design was based on the faith of Christians at the present time. The cross structure of building not only architecturally supports the church, it also implicitly watches out the tribe. The original faith of the tribe then becomes the arched roof and diamond ceiling that artistically signify the sky of the church.

該建築設計基於當前基督徒的信仰。 建築物的交叉結構不僅在結構上支持教堂,而且還暗中註意部落。 然後,部落的原始信仰變成了拱形屋頂和菱形天花板,從藝術上象徵著教堂的天空。

The designer believes that humanity is attached and separated to the nature at the same time. The breach is filled by the construction. The 6-meter high ecological landscape is the omnipresent nature when worshipping.

設計者認為,人類是同時與自然聯繫和分離的。 漏洞由結構填充。 崇高的6米高生態景觀是無處不在的自然。

Located in the remote mountain area where transportation is quite inconvenient, the first floor was where an unfinished concrete church was built in the 1980s. Since this was all they had, the unfinished church was nevertheless used for the past 30 years. After the crowdfunding, the first floor was then used as a shelter for women and children, with the second floor built into a chapel.

位於一處偏僻的山區,那裡交通十分不便,二樓是1980年代建造未完成的混凝土教堂的地方。 由於這就是他們所擁有的一切,因此未完成的教堂在過去的30年中一直被使用。 眾籌之後,第一層便被用作婦女和兒童的庇護所,第二層則被建在小禮拜堂內。

The indoor space of the chapel could be used for different activities. The space behind the pulpit can be connected to the balcony deck, providing an area where diverse activities can be hosted, such as sightseeing and wedding, thereby offering a different source of revenue for tribes in poverty.

教堂的室內空間可用於各種活動。 講台後面的空間可以連接到陽台甲板,從而提供一個可以舉辦各種活動的區域,例如觀光和婚禮,從而為貧困部落提供不同的收入來源。

As for the construction, the building materials of steels and woods were processed at the bottom of the mountain before being moved to the church and assembled. Wastes from the construction were made into planes or wall surfaces, thus realizing the target of zero clearing and transporting (of wastes).

至於建築,鋼材和木材的建築材料在搬到教堂前進行了組裝,然後在山底進行了加工。 將建築產生的廢物製成平面或牆壁表面,從而實現了(廢物)清零和運輸的目標。

Given that the weather is hot in Taiwan, the grilles and sunshades built on the roof reduces the amount of direct sunlight through the window. The grille walls keep the indoor space with fresh air, blocking the outdoor heat on the hillside, thus reducing the cost of energy.

鑑於台灣天氣炎熱,屋頂上的格柵和遮陽簾減少了透過窗戶的直射陽光。 格柵壁使室內空間充滿新鮮空氣,從而阻擋了山坡上的室外熱量,從而降低了能源成本。


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