Architects: Dehsar Works
Area: 2019 m²
Photographs: Noufel Sharif Sojol
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Saint-Gobain, ALM Steel, McNeel, Nasir Glass, ONLEAD, PMG, Shah Cement, Star Partex, Trimble Navigation
Lead Architect: Rashed Hassan Chowdhury
Project Architect:Sayedil Ashrafin
Structural Consultant:Habibur Rahman
Electrical Consultant:Alinur Rahman
Plumbing Consultant:Kamruzzaman

建築師:Dehsar Works
照片:Noufel Sharif Sojol
製造商:AutoDesk,Saint-Gobain,ALM Steel,McNeel,Nasir Glass,ONLEAD,PMG,Shah Cement,Star Partex,Trimble Navigation
首席建築師:Rashed Hassan Chowdhury
項目建築師:Sayedil Ashrafin
結構顧問:Habibur Rahman
電氣顧問:Alinur Rahman

The place where “Blues H. Office” is standing today, was simply occupied by a warehouse before. When “Blues” decided to shift their office right beside there warehouse, the primary plan was simple. They wanted to build a normal work space where they can accommodate 30 to 40 workstation. After building the foundation, they gave it a second thought and decided to do something different with it.

今天“ Blues H. Office”所在的地方以前只是被一個倉庫佔據。 當“藍調”決定將他們的辦公室轉移到附近的倉庫時,主要的計劃很簡單。 他們想建立一個正常的工作空間,可以容納30至40個工作站。 在建立基礎之後,他們重新考慮了這一點,並決定對它做一些不同的事情。

“Blues” management people approached the Architect to do something out of the box with it. The whole concept was to build a creative & playful office with multiple playful spaces which can be used for meeting, conference, meet up etc. Blues employees’ working hour is not stereotypically nine to five, they have long working hours. Keeping this in mind “Blues H. Office” has been designed.

“藍調”管理人員聯繫建築師,以開箱即用的方式進行操作。 整個概念是建立一個具有多個娛樂空間的創意,娛樂性辦公室,可用於會議,會議,聚會等。藍調員工的工作時間通常不是9到5,他們的工作時間很長。 請牢記“ Blues H. Office”的設計。

Materials of construction details: 1. Pre-fabricated metal exoskeleton as main frame. 2.Tri-layered polycarbonate sheets were used to provide thermal comfort and reduce cooling load. 3. Double glazed glass facade to reduce heat gain and indoor-outdoor relationship. 4. Floor slab with poly concrete deck panels. 5. Pre-fabricated wooden panels as floor finish materials. 6. RCC and brick was used only in service blocks which were placed to reinforce the metal exoskeleton

施工細節材料:1.預製金屬外骨骼為主體。 2.使用三層聚碳酸酯板提供熱舒適性並減少冷卻負荷。 3.雙層玻璃幕牆,以減少熱量吸收和室內外關係。 4.帶有混凝土面板的樓板。 5.預製木板作為地板飾面材料。 6.碾壓混凝土和磚塊僅用於加固金屬外骨骼的維修區

Salient features: To create an open environment for office and activity, service was designed in a compact manner. This organization helped to shape up lofty space for work and group task as well as efficient service management, cost reduction and ease of maintenance. For reduction of cost and maintaining original footprint the existing concrete foundation was utilized by fabricating a metal structure over it .VRF air conditioning ,centralized service block has been placed inside the building. The high ceiling and large transparent glass façade allows natural light to the core of the building that undergoes constant changes as light reflections alter over the course of the day.

顯著特徵:為了創建一個開放的辦公室和活動環境,我們以緊湊的方式設計了服務。 該組織幫助塑造了用於工作和小組任務的崇高空間,以及有效的服務管理,降低了成本和易於維護。 為了降低成本並保持原有的佔地面積,通過在其上建造金屬結構來利用現有的混凝土基礎。VRF空調,集中式服務塊已放置在建築物內部。 高高的天花板和大型透明玻璃幕牆使自然光線進入建築物的核心,隨著光線在一天中的變化而不斷變化。

At night, the Blues Communication Limited office is lit by white Led-lights, resembling a giant luminaire, while making the building shimmer in dialogue with the surrounding the vibrant neighborhood. Providing all ancillary facilities with seven parking space, Vehicular and pedestrian access along with 2 vertical and other horizontal circulation. Landscape has ample green and plants to create a better workplace.

到了晚上,Blues Communication Limited的辦公室被白色Led燈照亮,就像一個巨大的照明燈,同時使建築物在與周圍充滿活力的社區對話時變得微弱。 為所有輔助設施提供七個停車位,車輛和行人通道以及2條垂直和其他水平循環通道。 景觀擁有豐富的綠色和植物,可以創造一個更好的工作場所。


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