Studio 304 architects Gary Tynan and Claire Lepoivre have built themselves a family home in Dublin, which blends Georgian styling with modern details.

Corner House is a three-storey, four-bedroom house built at the end of a terrace in a conservation area in Monkstown.

304工作室的建築師加里·泰南(Gary Tynan)和克萊爾·勒波弗(Claire Lepoivre)在都柏林建造了自己的家庭住宅,融合了格魯吉亞風格和現代細節。

Corner House是三層四臥室的房屋,建於Monkstown保護區的露台盡頭。

Although it is a contemporary house, Tynan and Lepoivre have made the building feel appropriate for its setting by matching the proportions of its Georgian neighbours.

Not only do the tiers of Corner House correspond with those next door, but it also features various details that are typical of 18th-century houses. The windows are tall and deep-set, while a second-floor terrace has been designed to look like quoins.


Corner House的各層不僅與隔壁的各層相對應,而且還具有18世紀房屋所特有的各種細節。 窗戶又高又深,而二樓的露台看起來像是普通的陽台。

The building is also slightly set back from the existing facade, as a mark of respect to the existing architecture.

“I wanted to build something that was specific to the site,” explains Studio 304 founder Tynan.


Studio 304創始人Tynan解釋說:“我想構建特定於該站點的東西。”

“The new house is set back so that the quoins of the existing terrace can be read,” he told , “and the upper volumes of the house are broken down into proportions similar to those quoins. They are intended to express solidity and anchor the building to the corner, as the quoins do.”

The cladding materials were similarly chosen with the setting in mind. The lower level of the house is clad in granite, matching an existing boundary wall that was repaired as part of the project.

他告訴他說:“新房子退後了,以便可以閱讀現有露台的法定人數,並且房屋的上部空間被分解成與那些法定人數相似的比例。它們旨在表達堅固性並錨定房屋的主體。 就像法定貨幣一樣,要建在拐角處。”

考慮到設置,類似地選擇了包層材料。 房屋的下層覆蓋有花崗岩,與現有的邊界牆相匹配,該邊界牆已作為項目的一部分進行了修復。

Meanwhile the upper levels are rendered and painted in two different shades: white at the front, and grey at the back.

“Typically in this conservation area, the fronts of the older houses are painted and have plaster details, while the rear is usually left in natural render colour (grey). So the new house follows this logic also,” said Tynan.



The windows are lined with metal to emphasise the deep reveals. “It felt important to me that the windows had a sense of depth,” added Tynan.

Inside, the 190-square-metre building is organised around a central hallway and staircase, which dissects the floor plan. This space is flooded with natural light, thanks to a generous south-facing window above the entrance and a skylight over the stairwell.

窗戶襯有金屬襯裡,以強調深層的痕跡。 泰南補充說:“對我來說,窗戶要有深度感是很重要的。”

在內部,這棟190平方米的建築圍繞中央走廊和樓梯進行組織,剖析了平面圖。 得益於入口上方寬敞的朝南窗戶和樓梯間上方的天窗,該空間充滿了自然光。

On the ground floor, rooms include a large kitchen and dining room that opens out to the garden, a more intimate living room and a separate utility room. The first floor contains three bedrooms, including one en-suite, while a fourth bedroom is located on the smaller second floor.

在底樓,房間包括一個大廚房和可通向花園的餐廳,一個更加私密的客廳和一個單獨的雜物間。 一樓包含三間臥室,其中包括一個套間,而第四間臥室位於較小的第二層。

The interior combines simple detailing with some playful flourishes. These include cast concrete washbasins in shades of pink and green, and a series of decorative friezes that create patterns of light and shadow.

內部結合了簡單的細節和一些俏皮的裝飾。 其中包括粉紅色和綠色陰影的澆鑄混凝土臉盆,以及產生光影圖案的一系列裝飾性飾條。

“One of the advantages of building your own house is that you have an opportunity to test ideas and experiment,” said Tynan.

“These friezes were experiments in using a CNC machine to route flutes into sheets of engineered timber.”



Tynan founded Studio 304 in 2015, while Lepoivre joined the studio later. The office has completed a handful of projects since then, including a house extension with a sunken bath, which was named best house extension in London in the Don’t Move Improve awards in 2017.

Although Tynan grew up in Dublin, he and Lepoivre have been living in London for the past decade. With the completion of Corner House, Tynan, the couple and their two daughters have been able to relocate.

Photography is by Aisling McCoy.

泰南(Tynan)於2015年創立了304工作室,而萊波夫(Lepoivre)後來加入了該工作室。 自那時以來,該辦公室已完成了一些項目,其中包括帶有下沉式浴缸的房屋擴建,該房屋在2017年的“不要動”改善獎中被評為倫敦最佳房屋擴建。

儘管Tynan在都柏林長大,但他和Lepoivre在過去的十年中一直住在倫敦。 隨著Tynan Corner House的落成,這對夫婦和兩個女兒得以搬遷。

攝影是艾斯林·麥考伊(Aisling McCoy)拍攝的。



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