Architects: Atelier Diameter
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Renwei Ou, Yang Chen, Jinrong Xie
Manufacturers: 力同铝业, 思卡福, 汇丽
Design Team:Nan Zhang, Renwei Ou, Jinrong Xie, Xiaoyuan Zhang
Commissioned By:CCTV ‘The Reader’ Season 3 Program Team
Curtain Wall Consultant:YiXuan Curtain Wall
Main Constructor:SKF Architecture Shanghai
Structural Consultant:SKF Architecture Shanghai


This is the scene of the “72-hour new media” live broadcast of the third season of CCTV’s “The Reader”, which was carefully planned and implemented by the CCTV team. In the three cities separated by thousands of miles between the north and the south, three wooden houses stood in three public places with special intentions: The South Square of the National Library in Beijing, the Hankou Jiangtan Park in Wuhan, and the Zengcuo An Binhai Music Square in Xiamen.

這是中央電視台第三季“讀者”現場直播的“ 72小時新媒體”現場直播,這是中央電視台團隊精心策劃和實施的。 在南北相隔數千英里的三個城市中,有三個木製房屋在三個有特殊意圖的公共場所站立:北京國家圖書館的南廣場,武漢的漢口江壇公園和曾the安濱海 廈門音樂廣場。

These three wooden houses witnessed the moment when hundreds of ordinary citizens picked up their books and read their hearts out, witnessing their pain and comfort, joy and memories, courage and hope; meanwhile, they also touched the hearts and minds of countless people online. For the sake of a smooth broadcast of the program, we have to quickly find a balance between the basic requirements of uses, technical feasibility, time schedule and economy. This is, after all, a small house with a simple space and little technical difficulty, but it is certain special requirements and constraints that make the communication and discussion about technical feasibility crucial and intensively accompany the project throughout:

這三座木屋見證了數百名普通市民拿起書本,宣讀心靈的那一刻,見證了他們的痛苦與安慰,歡樂與回憶,勇氣與希望。 同時,他們也打動了無數網民的心靈。 為了順利播放該節目,我們必須在使用的基本要求,技術可行性,時間表和經濟性之間找到平衡。 畢竟,這是一間小房子,空間簡單,技術難度很小,但是某些特殊的要求和約束使得對技術可行性的交流和討論變得至關重要,並且在整個項目過程中全都伴隨著:

1. Assembled wood construction was pretty much the only option. The strict time limit for rapid construction required that using assembled components will be the only way out. Then, the strict prohibition of damage to the current state of the site and also the prohibition of open fires and noise during construction, as well as the extremely short allowable time for component processing, basically ruled out the possibility of assembled steel structures. Let alone that the cold nature of steel structure also does not support the setting of the bookish temperament of the reading space.

1.組裝木結構幾乎是唯一的選擇。 快速施工的嚴格時間限制要求使用組裝好的組件是唯一的出路。 然後,嚴格禁止破壞現場的現狀,並禁止在施工期間明火和噪音,以及極短的零件加工允許時間,基本上排除了組裝鋼結構的可能性。 更不用說鋼結構的冷性也不能支持閱讀空間的書氣氣質。

2, it is no longer possible to use insulated glass curtain wall production and processing, so the PC boards (acrylic boards) became an acceptable alternative. We did have tried to use double-layer insulated PC boards to solve the problem of heat insulation and energy saving as well as flatness, or to set up some opening glass windows.However, none of these attempts survived through huge obstacles. At last, we could only set down with single-layer of 12mm thick PC boards as enclosure. The bright side to this is that the program was held during the middle of October, so the temperature is mild and stable in all three sites, which makes it possible to regulate the natural ventilation by opening of the door.Since these boards were not scratch-resistant, abrasion on the surface affected the permeability. They can last at least six months of good status if had being paid attention to maintenance.

2,不再使用隔熱玻璃幕牆進行生產和加工,因此PC板(丙烯酸板)成為可以接受的替代方案。 我們曾經嘗試過使用雙層絕緣PC板來解決隔熱和節能以及平整度的問題,或者設置一些可打開的玻璃窗,但是這些嘗試都沒有在巨大的障礙中倖存下來。 最後,我們只能放下一層12mm厚的PC板作為外殼。 好的一面是,該計劃於10月中旬舉行,因此三個地點的溫度均溫和穩定,這使得可以通過打開門來調節自然通風。 耐磨性,影響表面的滲透性。 如果注意維護,他們至少可以維持六個月的良好狀態。

3, We used two-way dense row steel foundation, similar to raft foundation, it will allow the upper load evenly dispersed, and not to damage the original square paving under (stone). Cedar planks(omitted anti-corrosion process) were arranged on the foundation, becoming the floor that can be sit around this quick-building building. Once again, the warmth of wood made the space easy to approach.

3,我們使用了雙向密集排鋼地基,類似於筏式地基,它將使上部荷載均勻地分散,而不會損壞原來的方形鋪路(石)。 在基礎上佈置了雪松木板(省略了防腐蝕工藝),成為可放置在該快速建築周圍的地板。 再次,木材的溫暖使空間易於接近。

4, It is the conventional practice to use aluminum-magnesium manganese upright lock edge plate in the roof, and also guarantee the rain-resistance. For the roof structure plate under the metal plate (also the roof finish surface), we used SPF plate with NLT (Nail Laminated Timber), which is heavier and more expensive. The weight is actually a pro not a con. Especially for the site on the seaside of Xiamen, where typhoon come from time to time, a heavy structure becomes a necessity. Therefore, the house should be light but the roof should be heavy, this pair of requirements seems to be contradictory, and still was balanced by the strong overall structural stiffness.

4,慣例是在屋頂使用鋁鎂錳直立鎖邊板,並保證防雨性。 對於金屬板下面的屋頂結構板(也是屋頂飾面),我們使用帶有NLT(釘層壓木材)的SPF板,它更重且更昂貴。 重量實際上是一個優點,而不是一個缺點。 特別是對於不時颱風來襲的廈門海邊地區,必須使用笨重的結構。 因此,房屋應該是輕便的,但屋頂應該是沉重的,這對要求似乎是矛盾的,並且仍然通過強大的整體結構剛度來平衡。

Besides, there were also a lot of other issues related, such as the orientation and connection of each site to the surrounding area, how to accommodate the octagonal reading pavilion, which is the symbol of the second season of “The Reader”, and the resulting construction process, whether to provide a door to the pavilion (and we decided to remove it before the broadcast), and the selection and placement of air conditioning terminals (also removed before use), etc. The 72 hours of live broadcast, along with the 720 hours of technical desk work and the running around in three places were indeed a moment of tension that we experienced together with the program team and the contractor. Together we faced the problems. Together we accomplished the events.

此外,還有很多其他相關問題,例如每個站點與周圍區域的方向和連接,如何容納八角形的閱讀亭,這是“讀者”第二季的象徵,以及 最終的施工過程,是否向展館提供一扇門(我們決定在廣播之前將其拆除),空調終端的選擇和放置(在使用前也拆除)等。72小時的現場廣播,以及 720小時的技術台工作以及在三個地方的奔跑確實是我們與計劃團隊和承包商一起經歷的緊張時刻。 我們在一起面對了這些問題。 我們一起完成了這些活動。

Yes, this essay is very “unarchitectural”. Maybe it’s more like a tedious narrative of the process of an event. For the program, the Readers’ House is a special set of props, but for the architects, the house is more like a medium, or a window, that does have all the characteristics of a construction project as it should be, but also clearly strikes at the customary judgments of expertise. Transience, public participation, limit-time management of the bookstore, temporary and comfort, material limit and spatial potential, space-time interaction in the era of new media… This temporary building that has disappeared left us with only images and memories, but it seems to be able to pull out a lot of unconventional topics, like many light spots overlapping and flashing in the mind.

是的,這篇文章是非常“非建築的”。 也許更像是對事件過程的乏味敘述。 對於程序而言,“讀者之家”是一組特殊的道具,但對於建築師而言,這所房子更像是一種媒介或窗戶,它確實具有應有的建設項目的所有特徵,但也很明顯 觸犯專業知識的習慣判斷。 瞬息萬變,公眾參與,書店的限時管理,暫時性和舒適性,物質的局限性和空間潛力,新媒體時代的時空互動……這座已經消失的臨時性建築只留下了圖像和回憶, 但是它似乎能夠拉出許多非常規的主題,例如許多亮點在腦海中重疊和閃爍。

Through the flashback images, we still see the moment we discussed the proposal with the project team for the first time. Initially, the architect’s interest led us to propose a proposal similar to the “suitcase” space that can be loaded and unloaded lightly, in order to cope with the temporary and the idea of possible off-site reuse. However, at the insistence of hostess Dong Qing, the symmetrical, inward-tilted roof form was eventually adopted. This time I admire the intuition of our “Party A”, because at this time, artistry is not important, but a reading space that looks like a “home” is important.

通過閃回圖像,我們仍然可以看到與項目團隊首次討論該提案的時刻。 最初,建築師的興趣使我們提出了一個類似於“手提箱”空間的提議,可以輕鬆地進行裝卸,以應對臨時性和可能的異地重用的想法。 然而,在女主人公董青的堅持下,最終採用了對稱的,向內傾斜的屋頂形式。 這次我很欣賞我們的“甲方”的直覺,因為此時藝術性並不重要,但是看起來像“家”的閱讀空間卻很重要。


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