Architects: Rand Elliott Architects
Area: 20000 ft²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Scott McDonald
Manufacturers: Acme Brick, Caesarstone, Daltile, Dryvit, Firestone Building Products, Kawneer, Leviton, Marlite, Marvin, Plazit-Polygal, Sherwin-Williams, Tubelite, Artform, Contemporary Cabinets, Fórmica, Jonsonite, KONE, Lees, Nulite, Sunoptics, +1
Design Architect:Rand Elliott
Project Manager / Architect:Bill Yen
Project Architect:David Ketch
General Contractor:Lingo Construction Services
Civil Engineer:Johnson & Associates
Structural Engineer:Lingo Construction Services
Electrical:Jesse Lewis Inc.
Steel Fabrication:Goliath Pipeline and Construction
Millwork:Contemporary Cabinets Inc.
Glass And Glazing:American Glass
Fire Protection:Control Fire
City:Oklahoma City
Country:United States

建築師:Rand Elliott Architects
照片:斯科特·麥克唐納(Scott McDonald)
製造商:Acme磚,Caesarstone,Daltile,Dryvit,Firestone建築產品,Kawneer,Leviton,Marlite,Marvin,Plazit-Polygal,Sherwin-Williams,Tubelite,Artform,當代櫥櫃,Fórmica,Jonsonite,Kone,Lees,Nulite,Sunoptics, +1
設計設計師:Rand Elliott
項目建築師:David Ketch
電氣:傑西·劉易斯(Jesse Lewis Inc.)

Built in 1924 by C.F. Meadors and originally the Como Hotel, this historic 1924 blond brick flatiron stood vacant and boarded up for 27 years. Today, the building stands one story taller – a graceful golden presence at Oklahoma City’s east gateway into Downtown. The project includes the renovation of the historic two-level building and the addition of a third floor. The area’s historic triangular buildings were built soon after OKC’s electric streetcar routes were drawn a century ago. The four surviving historic triangular blocks form the core of the city’s emerging Flatiron district. The newly renovated PLICO Flatiron building has brought new vitality to the area’s relatively undeveloped state, setting the stage for a remarkable new urban neighborhood.

由C.F.於1924年建造 Meadors最初是Como Hotel,這座具有歷史意義的1924年金色磚熨斗空置並登機了27年。 如今,這座建築高出了一層樓–在俄克拉荷馬城通往市區的東大門,優雅地呈現出金色。 該項目包括對歷史悠久的兩層建築的翻新和三樓的增建。 該地區歷史悠久的三角建築是在一個世紀前繪製OKC的電動有軌電車路線後不久建造的。 四個尚存的歷史性三角形街區構成了該市新興的熨斗區的核心。 新近裝修的PLICO Flatiron大樓為該地區相對欠發達的州帶來了新的活力,為一個非凡的新城市社區奠定了基礎。

At dusk, the building’s interior lighting and accent lighting casts an evening glow creating an exciting ambiance. As commuters enter and leave downtown on this busy artery, the PLICO building acts as a “lantern” to the city energy. The third floor is a modern feature and a respectful, complementary addition. It relates to the flatiron building in shape, scale, and color, its detailing, differentiated from the historic building through materials and setbacks. Historically accurate black anodized aluminum windows have replaced damaged and missing windows in the existing two-story structure. Triangular-shaped downspouts show consistent detailing.

黃昏時,建築物的室內照明和重點照明投射出晚霞,營造出令人興奮的氛圍。 當通勤者在這條繁忙的大動脈上進出市區時,PLICO建築成為城市能源的“燈籠”。 第三層是現代特色,是相互尊重的補充。 它與形狀,比例和顏色的熨斗建築有關,其詳細信息通過材料和挫折與歷史建築有所不同。 歷史上精確的黑色陽極氧化鋁窗戶已取代了現有兩層結構中損壞和丟失的窗戶。 三角形的落水管顯示出一致的細節。

Visitors to the building are surprised when they enter the front door and see how historic details merge gracefully with contemporary materials. Existing structural beams have original fabrication markings and historic paint was left in place. The original exposed metal lath and concrete deck above remains. The ceremonial stair is folded steel plate and clad in clear polycarbonate. Blue polycarbonate panels define the office space edge and provide acoustical and visual privacy, giving the exposed structure a ghostly quality. Beyond beam number one, the structure is painted white to improve the lighting reflectivity. The client requested a light-filled space. The typical open office space is created by clear polycarbonate panels. The panels provide acoustical and visual privacy while still allowing filtered sunlight into space.

當參觀者進入前門,看到歷史細節如何與現代材料巧妙地融合在一起時,參觀者會感到驚訝。 現有的結構梁具有原始的製造標記,並且保留了歷史油漆。 上面保留了原始的裸露金屬板條和混凝土甲板。 儀式樓梯是折疊的鋼板,並覆蓋有透明的聚碳酸酯。 藍色聚碳酸酯面板界定了辦公空間的邊緣,並提供了聽覺和視覺上的私密性,使裸露的結構具有幽靈般的質感。 除了第一束光之外,該結構還被塗成白色以提高照明反射率。 客戶要求光線充足的空間。 典型的開放式辦公室空間是由透明的聚碳酸酯面板製成的。 這些面板提供了聽覺和視覺上的私密性,同時仍然允許將過濾後的陽光引入太空。

The perimeter blue panels provide a softened blue hue, and the structure is painted white to improve the lighting reflectivity. A cross-over corridor ties the large north and south storefront windows together and polycarbonate allows the sunlight to filter into the interior office core. Originally intended as growth space, the third floor’s northeast corner has become a multi-purpose room. In the late afternoon, sunlight transforms the space into a golden artistic volume and the opened awning windows reflect the rooftop river rocks. On the third floor, a conference room, kitchen, and stunning views from the rooftop terrace create a dynamic setting. The unique glass columns at the deck are 50% open and are designed to act as a rooftop screen wall that celebrates the view and makes the space comfortable on windy days.

外圍的藍色面板提供柔和的藍色調,並且將結構漆成白色以提高照明反射率。 交叉的走廊將北側和南側的大型店面窗戶連接在一起,聚碳酸酯使陽光可以進入室內辦公室的核心區域。 原本打算用作增長空間,但三樓的東北角已變成多功能室。 下午晚些時候,陽光將空間變成金色的藝術品,打開的遮陽篷玻璃窗反射了屋頂河道的岩石。 在三樓,會議室,廚房和屋頂露台的壯麗景色營造出動感十足的氛圍。 甲板上獨特的玻璃柱是50%開放的,旨在用作屋頂的屏風牆,以欣賞美景並在大風天使空間舒適。


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