Architects: Ahmad El Mad, Elena Chiavi, Matteo Goldoni
Year: 2015
Photographs: Ahmad El Mad
Collaborators:Emmanuelle Agustoni, Felicity Barbur, Chiara Belcastro, Harsh Chhabra, Eva De Bruyn, Margarita Fernández, Damien Girard, Ewan Hooper, Zofia Kurczych, Kenneth Mason, Miguel Angel Maure, Noor Meijer, Malin Mohr, Marta Nikolic, Maria Passarelli, Carlos Paternina, Ivan Rajkovic, Pytel Roman, Nicolás Van Drunen
Support:EASA Malta

建築師:Ahmad El Mad,Elena Chiavi,Matteo Goldoni
攝影:Ahmad El Mad
合作者:艾曼紐·奧古斯多尼(Emmanuelle Agustoni),費莉西蒂·巴伯(Felicity Barbur),基亞拉·貝卡斯特羅(Chiara Belcastro),哈什·查布拉,伊娃·德·布魯因,瑪格麗塔·費爾南德斯,達米安·吉拉德,伊万·霍珀,佐菲亞·庫爾奇奇,肯尼思·梅森,米格爾·安吉爾·莫爾,努爾·邁耶斯,馬林·莫爾,瑪塔·尼古力,瑪麗亞·卡洛里奇 Paternina,Ivan Rajkovic,Pytel Roman,NicolásVan Drunen

Antiroom II is a self-built pavilion by Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad, Matteo Goldoni made with students from different european countries during the workshop EASA 2015 Links in Valletta (Malta).

Antiroom II是由Elena Chiavi,Ahmad El Mad,Matteo Goldoni自行建造的展館,由來自歐洲不同國家的學生在瓦萊塔(馬耳他)舉辦的EASA 2015 Links研討會上製作而成。

Antiroom II is a floating island on the sea of Malta.

Antiroom II是馬耳他海上的一個浮島。

Antiroom II is an unreachable surface from the ground, only accessible by swimming or by boat.

Antiroom II是地面上無法觸及的表面,只能通過游泳或乘船進入。

The wood structure creates a space separated from the vastness of the unlimited sea. Its center defined as a small secure water pool.

木結構創造了一個與無邊無際的大海隔開的空間。 其中心定義為小型安全水池。

Antiroom II is a never-ending stoa, an eternal circular temple. It aims to go beyond the concept of time.

Antiroom II是永無止境的stoa,一個永恆的圓形神殿。 它旨在超越時間的概念。

Antiroom II is a white space floating on the blue water, as the white clouds floats on the blue sky.

Antiroom II是一個漂浮在藍色水面上的白色空間,白色的雲朵漂浮在藍天上。

Antiroom II remains light and gentle through its floating and instability.

Antiroom II通過浮動和不穩定保持輕巧柔和的狀態。

One can enter its core, contemplate its structure and express his unity with the sky and the cosmos.


Antiroom II can float and move slowly away, as a new isolated world, in the sea.

作為新的孤立世界,Antiroom II可以漂浮並緩慢移開,在海中。


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