Architects: Mateo Nunes Da Rosa
Area: 20 m²
Year: 2021
Manufacturers: Plazit-Polygal
Landscaping:Elena Artagaveytia
Construction:Martín Olmos
City:Punta del Este

建築師:Mateo Nunes Da Rosa
園林綠化:Elena Artagaveytia

In times of pandemic, Ana, a botany-enthusiast specialised in orchids, turns her hobby into a venture: Greenhouse Orchid, and entrusts us with designing a greenhouse that also acts as an exhibition space. The proposal is a transparent, transportable, modifiable prototype that generates the necessary climate for the survival of the orchids. Two greenhouses are manufactured, one for exhibition and the other for flowering.

在大流行時期,專門從事蘭花研究的植物學專家安娜將自己的愛好變成了一家企業:溫室蘭花,並委託我們設計了一個溫室,該溫室也用作展覽空間。 該提案是一個透明,可運輸,可修改的原型,為蘭花的生存創造了必要的氣候。 製造了兩個溫室,一個用於展示,另一個用於開花。

Orchids require a microclimate within a very specific range. The temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation, irrigation and nutrients of the environment must be controlled.

蘭花需要一個非常特定範圍內的小氣候。 必須控制環境的溫度,照明,濕度,通風,灌溉和養分。

A double envelope is created to fulfil these needs and to formally expose the flowers.


The translucent outer membrane protects from the wind and the cold, directs the wind towards the air inlet, and depending on the orientation, allows one to see inside. The inner membrane stops direct sunlight, generates the required very bright environment and also allows one to see the exterior environment from within.

半透明的外膜可抵御風和寒冷,將風引向進氣口,並根據方向允許人們看到內部。 內膜阻止陽光直射,產生所需的非常明亮的環境,並且還允許人們從內部看到外部環境。

A chamber is generated between the membranes. It is laterally ventilated through a retractable roof. The air intake is floor-specific, and in case the passive systems aren’t enough, the same automation system that controls the lighting activates air forcers.

在膜之間產生室。 它通過可伸縮的屋頂橫向通風。 進氣口是特定於地板的,如果無源系統不夠用,則控制照明的同一自動化系統會激活空氣動力裝置。

Two large doors are installed on the side, inviting to walk through the greenhouse, generating a second natural ventilation tunnel.

The dimensions of each greenhouse are determined by the total transportable volume, with its weight and materials optimised to the max, using steel chassis, compact polycarbonate sheets and composite aluminium.




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