Architects: Crest Architects
Area: 2300 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Shamanth Patil J
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Chaos Group, Grohe, Jaquar, Saint-Gobain, Adobe, Trimble
Design Team:Vikas and Vishwas
Clients:Mr Chenappa
Engineering:Shivalinge Gowda K
Landscape:Crest Architects

建築師:Crest Architects
攝影:Shamanth Patil J
製造商:AutoDesk,Chaos Group,Grohe,Jaquar,Saint-Gobain,Adobe,Trimble
工程:Shivalinge Gowda K

Located within a gated community in North Bangalore, the square shaped plot of this residence abuts the road on southern and western sides. Based on the client’s requirements, our approach was to design a modest house with specific emphasis on natural light and ventilation. The design process and choice of materials for construction was influenced by a cost effective budget.

該住宅位於班加羅爾北部的封閉式社區內,其方形地塊毗鄰南側和西側的道路。 根據客戶的要求,我們的方法是設計一個中等大小的房屋,特別強調自然採光和通風。 具有成本效益的預算影響了設計過程和建築材料的選擇。

Our approach was to create a compact layout that accommodated the requirements of the client while also establishing a sense of spaciousness to create a balance of connectivity and privacy. The south –western façade was kept almost entirely plain with narrow slit windows to avoid the harsh sun. These windows are accentuated with Sadahalli stone chajjas which frames compelling views of the surrounding landscape. The open floor plan which consists of a living, dining, kitchen, puja and three bedrooms are spread across two floors.

我們的方法是創建一個緊湊的佈局,以適應客戶的需求,同時建立一種寬敞感,以實現連接性和隱私性之間的平衡。 西南立面的外牆幾乎完全保持平整,並設有狹窄的狹縫窗戶,以避開烈日。 這些窗戶都以Sadahalli石頭吊j突出,構成了周圍景觀的絕妙景觀。 開放式平面圖由起居室,餐廳,廚房,法會和三間臥室組成,分佈在兩層樓中。

The double height living and dining spaces are opened up to get a view of the landscaped garden and glazed skylights allow ample natural light to infiltrate the open scheme of the house. Exposed concrete finish and white plastered walls induce a subtle ambience in both the interior and exterior. The design language throughout the house is intended to be simple that reflects the lifestyle of the client.

開闢了兩倍高的起居和就餐空間,可欣賞園景花園,玻璃天窗使充足的自然光線滲透到房屋的開放式空間中。 裸露的混凝土飾面和白色的石膏牆在室內外都營造出微妙的氛圍。 整個房屋的設計語言旨在變得簡單,以反映客戶的生活方式。


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