Architects: Scullion Architects
Area: 300 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Fionn McCann
Manufacturers: Mutina, Contractor, Raynears, Structural Engineer

照片:芬恩·麥肯(Fionn McCann)

On this extension to a 1930s semi-detached house in the suburbs of Dublin, our clients were interested in forming a new room that was a continuation of the gentle formality of the main house; rather than extend with a scaleless, rootless annex. The existing kitchen was positioned, as was typical of the time, in a utilitarian dark north-west corner of the original house, with windows onto a dark side passageway set a metre above the garden.

在對都柏林郊區的1930年代半獨立式房屋的擴建中,我們的客戶有興趣組建新房,這是主房平緩形式的延續。 而不是使用無標度,無根的附件進行擴展。 現有的廚房按照當時的典型情況放置在原始房屋的一個功利主義的西北偏暗角落,窗戶上通往花園上方一米的暗側通道。

Our objective was to reposition the kitchen in a manner that reflected its centrality to family life without forming a rupture between the work we added and the house we had been gifted with. Previously, the entrance hallway was cluttered with provisional storage and coat stands that offered an ad-hoc atmosphere that only served to devalue its centrality to the home.

我們的目標是將廚房重新定位,以反映其對家庭生活的重要性,而不會在我們添加的工作與我們所擁有的房子之間造成破裂。 以前,入口走廊到處都是臨時存儲和衣帽架,提供了一種臨時的氣氛,這只會降低其在房屋中的位置。

We enhanced its stature by relocating storage and lining the walls with a wainscotting formed with simple inch-wide painted poplar beads, extending the central axis of the house through an oak lined lobby, concealing a mirrored wet bar, with a bright white terrazzo floor. In the view ahead, three terrazzo steps lead down to a generously sized dining room and kitchen. The view to the garden overlooks a circular dining area wrapped with sweeping curved glass.

我們通過搬遷儲藏室並在牆上用襯砌的壁板襯砌來增強其身材,壁板由簡單的一英寸寬的塗有白楊木的珠子組成,將房屋的中軸延伸到襯有橡木襯裡的大廳,遮蓋了鏡面的濕吧台,並舖有明亮的白色水磨石地板。 在前面的視圖中,三個水磨石台階通向一個寬敞的餐廳和廚房。 花園的景色俯瞰一個圓形的用餐區,用餐區被大面積彎曲的玻璃包裹著。

The curved form creates a calm captured space, removed from the foot traffic of people passing through to the garden, and was inspired by the Victorian glass conservatories at Ballyfin and Dunfillan of Richard Turner, the Irish born Iron Founder and creator of the Palm houses in Kew Gardens and Belfast Botanic Gardens. The extension faces east, so to allow sunlight to reach deep into the room long, high clerestory windows bring in sunlight until mid-afternoon, and open to exhaust warm air in summer.

彎曲的形狀營造出一個寧靜的捕獲空間,使人們從通向花園的人流中移開,並受到了Ballyfin和Richard Turner的Dunfillan的維多利亞式玻璃溫室的啟發,Richard Turner是愛爾蘭人,是鐵匠鋪和創始人,並在此期間創建了棕櫚屋。 邱園和貝爾法斯特植物園。 延伸部分朝東,因此,為了讓陽光長時間到達房間深處,高高的天窗將陽光一直引入到午後,並在夏天開放以排出溫暖的空氣。

Externally, forest green slender metalwork supporting gutters and concealing downpipes adds an enrichment and delicacy in a manner similarly deployed to the external joinery on the front façade fascias and bay windows of the 1930s original house. Inside new oak joinery to a bespoke design conceals all the appliances, pantry and utility door in an extension of the oak cabinetry in the lobby, while the same white terrazzo forms work surfaces and protective wall linings. In replanning the home, the kitchen is now at the heart of family life whilst the original house is renewed and given space to breathe and be valued.

在外部,林綠色細長的金屬製品支撐著簷槽和隱藏的落水管,以類似的方式增加了豐富感和精緻感,將其部署到1930年代原始房屋的前外牆飾板和凸窗上的外部細木工中。 在定制的新橡木細木工內部,將所有電器,餐具室和雜物房門隱藏在大堂橡木櫥櫃的延伸部分中,而相同的白色水磨石則形成工作表面和保護性牆壁襯裡。 在對房屋進行重新規劃時,廚房已成為家庭生活的核心,同時對原始房屋進行了更新,並為其提供了呼吸和珍貴的空間。


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