Architecture studio The Ranch Mine built a courtyard house for a musician in Arizona with white stucco walls and solar panels paired with a Tesla battery for power outages.

The project, called O-asis, was built on an under-utilised, 1.6-acre site along a Phoenix mountain preserve.

建築工作室The Ranch Mine在亞利桑那州為一位音樂家建造了一個四合院房屋,上面有白色的灰泥牆和太陽能電池板,以及一塊特斯拉電池,用於停電。


Designed for a pianist by local firm The Ranch Mine, the house is intended to serve as a “respite from city life”. O-shaped in plan, the 4,090-square-foot (380-square-metre) residence is organised around a central courtyard.

Almost everything in the house can be controlled wirelessly, including the lights, speakers, blinds and locks.

The team installed a rooftop solar array and Tesla Powerwall batteries, which act as a backup energy source during power outages or, in the worst-case scenario, allow the residents to charge their Tesla car and leave.

這所房子是由當地公司The Ranch Mine為鋼琴家設計的,旨在用作“城市生活的休憩之所”。 這座4,090平方英尺(380平方米)的住宅為O形平面圖,圍繞著一個中央庭院而組織。


該團隊安裝了屋頂太陽能電池板和Tesla Powerwall電池,它們在停電期間可以用作備用能源,或者在最壞的情況下,允許居民為Tesla汽車充電並離開。

“Most high end or luxury homes spend their money on expensive things where value is highly subjective, and really just add cost,” explained The Ranch Mine co-founder Cavin Costello.

“They [the clients] wanted to spend their money on being self-sufficient as the signs are pointing towards a situation where the weather, along with ageing infrastructure, are putting our most basic needs at risk, as recently seen somewhat closely in Texas,” he told Dezeen.

A vegetable garden allows the occupants to grow their own food, and The Ranch Mine is looking at adding a Source Hydropanel system for the clients.

“It’s a really cool technology that creates drinking water out of the air with solar power,” added Costello.

The Ranch Mine聯合創始人Cavin Costello解釋說:“大多數高端或豪華住宅都將錢花在價值非常主觀的昂貴東西上,而這實際上只會增加成本。”

“他們(客戶)希望花錢自給自足,因為跡象表明,天氣以及基礎設施老化使我們最基本的需求面臨風險,最近在德克薩斯州看到的情況有些嚴峻, 他告訴德澤恩。



Heavily insulated walls are wrapped in white stucco, while recessed niches are clad in ipe – an exotic hardwood that is known for its durability.

Part of the property is surrounded by a weathering steel rattlesnake fence for keeping out snakes. The house lies low to the ground, rising only 12.5 feet (3.8 metres).

“Its strong horizontal form was designed as a datum for highlighting the dramatic shapes of the desert landscape,” the design team said.


該物業的一部分被風化的鋼響尾蛇圍欄包圍,以防止蛇進入。 房子位於地面低處,僅高出12.5英尺(3.8米)。


Upon entering, one steps into an austere foyer. Just beyond, visible through a glass wall, is the open-air courtyard, which is adorned with a concrete bench and desert vegetation.

The courtyard brings indirect daylight and fresh air into the dwelling, with plants selected to create a different colour palette as the seasons change.

進入後,走進一個嚴峻的休息室。 透過玻璃牆可以看到外面的露天庭院,上面裝飾著水泥長凳和沙漠植物。


To one side of the courtyard is the main public area, which is lined with glazed pocket doors that usher in cool breezes and provide a smooth connection between inside and out.

The long, slender room encompasses areas for lounging and dining, along with space for a grand piano. Lining one wall are walnut slats backed with acoustic felt to improve the sound quality for its musical occupant.


細長的房間包括休閒區和就餐區,以及一架三角鋼琴的空間。 一面牆是胡桃木板條,襯有聲氈,以改善其音樂乘員的音質。

Concealed within the slat wall is a pivot door, which leads into the master suite. The sleeping area was kept intentionally small.

“The master suite turns convention on its head, limiting the size of the bedroom to just enough room for the built-in bed, using most of the space for the spa-inspired bathroom and retail-inspired closet,” the team said.

在板條牆內隱藏著一個可旋轉的門,該門通向主人套房。 睡眠區故意保持很小。


The bathroom features a skylit vanity and a limestone-clad bathing area. The closet, rather than being enclosed, flows right off the bathroom. Warm-toned wood was used for shelving and cabinetry.

Other spaces within the home include a yoga room with cork flooring and an in-law suite with its own entrance.

浴室設有天窗式洗手盆和石灰石覆蓋的沐浴區。 壁櫥從浴室流出,而不是被封閉。 暖色調的木材用於架子和櫥櫃。


Just beyond the main living space is a swimming pool. Similar to the courtyard, the backyard features a long, concrete bench – this one containing a fire pit. The outdoor area serves as a great spot to take in the starry night sky.

游泳池就在主要生活空間之外。 與院子類似,後院設有一個長長的水泥長凳,其中包括一個火坑。 室外區域是欣賞繁星點點的夜空的好地方。

Local firm The Green Room oversaw the property’s landscape design, which is filled with plants native to the Sonoran Desert.

當地公司The Green Room監督了酒店的景觀設計,其中充滿了Sonoran沙漠原生植物。

Founded in 2010, The Ranch Mine has completed a number of modern-style dwellings in the Phoenix area. Others include the Pleats house, whose cladding takes cues from the ribbed exterior of cacti, and a courtyard home that alludes to Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings of adobe buildings.

Photography is by Roehner + Ryan.

The Ranch Mine成立於2010年,已在鳳凰城地區完成了許多現代風格的住宅。 其他包括Pleats房屋,其覆層從仙人掌多棱的外部汲取線索,還有一個庭院住宅,暗示了喬治亞·奧基夫(Georgia O’Keeffe)的土坯建築畫作。

攝影是Roehner + Ryan拍攝的。



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