Architects: Estúdio BRA
Area: 328 m²
Year: 2017
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Polytec, REKA, Aquaproof, Deca, Docol, GeoPro, Gutierez Esquadrias, Linha Metro
Lead Architects:Rodrigo Maçonilio, André Di Gregório
Design Team:Beatriz Rocha, Lorran Siqueira, Marcella Cruz, Julia Lazcano
Engineering:Estrutec Engenharia

製造商:AutoDesk,Polytec,REKA,Aquaproof,Deca,Docol,GeoPro,Gutierez Esquadrias,Linha Metro
設計團隊:Beatriz Rocha,Lorran Siqueira,Marcella Cruz,Julia Lazcano
工程:Estrutec Engenharia

House for a Relaxing life. The Pitanga House was designed for a family who decided to move from one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city of Sao Paulo to live in Santa Isabel, a city about 55km from the capital. The plot is in an environmental reserve, which makes the native vegetation appear abundantly. This oriented the most important visuals of the house to the denser part of the forest but that did not harm any visual of the house because on all sides of the 800 sqm plot you can see large trees.

輕鬆生活的房子。 Pitanga住宅是為一家家庭而設計的,他們決定從聖保羅市最繁忙的社區之一搬到聖塔伊莎貝爾市,該市距離首都約55公里。 該地塊處於環境保護區,這使得原生植被顯得豐富。 這使房屋最重要的視覺效果指向了森林的茂密部分,但這並沒有損害房屋的視覺效果,因為在800平方米的地塊的所有側面上,您都可以看到大樹。

The house is divided between three levels. At the upper floor we find the bedrooms and a small office. The kitchen, barbecue, laundry room, living room and a suite are located at the groundfloor sharing space with the trees. The whole ground floor has large glass sheets that close (or open) the living and dining room and thereby control their integration with the leisure area and pool are on the same level.

這房子分為三層。 在較高的樓層,我們找到臥室和一個小型辦公室。 廚房,燒烤架,洗衣房,客廳和套房位於與樹木共用一樓的地面上。 整個地面層都有大玻璃板,玻璃板可以關閉(或打開)起居室和餐廳,從而將它們與休閒區和游泳池的整合控制在同一水平上。

At the lowest level thre is a volume of concrete embedded in the natural profile of the lot, in this part we have an office for the couple who can now work from home, a garden and a garden, a space for the care of the dogs of the house [two English shepherds and a mutt dog] plus a room for the pool machinery. Access to these areas is by a prefabricated concrete helical staircase, which creates a path and kind of displacement, even within the lot, to register that the couple is leaving for work. Even if this ‘going to office’ only means leaving the main volume behind. The concrete structure makes the house look like a stone in the middle of the trees and aims to make a smooth transition between the natural and the built by the human hand.

最低處是大量的混凝土,它們埋藏在地塊的自然輪廓中,在這一部分中,我們為夫妻夫婦提供了一個辦公室,他們現在可以在家工作了,還有一個花園和一個花園,還有一個照顧狗的空間 的房子(兩隻英國牧羊犬和一隻牧羊犬),再加上一間用於泳池設備的房間。 可以通過預製的混凝土螺旋形樓梯進入這些區域,該樓梯即使在整個地塊內也會產生一條路徑和一種位移,以記錄這對夫婦要去上班的情況。 即使這種“上任”僅意味著將主要內容留在後面。 混凝土結構使房屋在樹木中間看起來像一塊石頭,旨在使人手在自然和建築之間平滑過渡。


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