Architects: Biombo Architects
Area: 650 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: KIE
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Lumion, Sika, Dulux, Toto, Dekson, GERMANY BRILLIANT, INDICO BALI, Modena, Niro granite, Trimble Navigation
Architect In Charge:Nacho Atienza, Beatriz Alejandre
Design Team:Biombo Architects
Engineering And Construction:CV Jayaba
Landscape:Biombo Architects
Collaborators:Pointerior, Indico Furniture

製造商:AutoDesk,Lumion,Sika,Dulux,Toto,Dekson,德國BRILLIANT,INDICO BALI,摩德納,Niro花崗岩,Trimble Navigation
負責建築師:Nacho Atienza,Beatriz Alejandre
設計團隊:Biombo Architects
工程與建設:CV Jayaba

This is a family home for 2 architects with 2 kids. This villa design, was born from the aim of creating a family place, capable to host all the family when they come to visit us to Bali. We both come from big families, and big families tend to travel in groups, so when they come to visit, is never just couple of them coming…

這是一個有2個孩子和2個建築師的家庭住宅。 這種別墅設計的初衷是創建一個家庭住所,能夠接待所有來巴厘島的家庭。 我們倆都來自大家庭,大家庭往往會成群結隊旅行,所以當他們來拜訪時,絕不會只有其中的幾個來了……

So for that, we designed a main house called Cala Saona, with 5 bedroom en-suite for the main family building and then, taking advantage of the natural slope of the plot, we created in another level under the pool, a guest pavilion named “Batukaru Suites” with another 3 bedroom en-suite, all with individual and private pools and terrace.

為此,我們設計了一個名為Cala Saona的主房屋,其中有5間臥室用於主家庭房,然後利用該地塊的自然坡度,在游泳池下的另一個樓層中創建了一個名為“客用涼亭”的客用涼亭。 “ Batukaru Suites”和另外3間臥室套間,均設有個人和私人游泳池及露台。

Both units have the option to have independent access from the parking area as well as the option to inter-connect to each other inside the property. This layout allows the property to be used as 2 separate units or as a bigger 8 bedroom villa, so the villas would work equally well as either a residence or rental property or both at the same time. This oasis is located in the heart of Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, on a plot that is facing sunset and surrounded by stunning rice fields.

兩個單元都可以選擇從停車場獨立進入,並且可以在酒店內部相互連接。 這種佈局允許將該物業用作2個單獨的單元或用作更大的8臥室別墅,因此這些別墅既可以用作住宅或出租物業,也可以同時用作兩者。 這個綠洲位於印度尼西亞巴厘島長谷的中心,地塊上面對日落,周圍環繞著壯麗的稻田。

Cala Saona. Designed to be able to fully open it or fully enclose, with cross ventilation throughout, inside you will find our favorite feature: an amazing indoor tropical garden with a double height of 9 m that surrounds a sunken living area. Beside this, there is a spacious dining table and the kitchen (enclosable from dining by hidden doors) with an island with bar and stools. In this level there is also another bedroom with the capacity to be used by a handicap person, with en-suite bathroom.

卡拉·索納(Cala Saona)。 設計為能夠完全打開或完全封閉,並在整個內部進行橫向通風,您會發現我們最喜歡的功能:一個驚人的室內熱帶花園,雙層高度為9 m,環繞著沉沒的起居區。 在這旁邊,有一個寬敞的餐桌和廚房(可通過暗門封閉用餐)以及一個帶酒吧和凳子的小島。 在這一層,還有另一間可供殘疾人士使用的臥室和套房浴室。

Large covered terraces and outdoor dining area, plus a sunken seating facing a pool bar, perfect for enjoying the 365 sunsets of the year with no walls – just rice fields and spectacular volcano views. Probably the most iconic feature of the villa and what gives the name “Cala Saona” is a beach pool of around 17m, made of local cream marble converting the water color into a Caribbean sandy beach, surrounded by a jungle of coconut trees.

大型有蓋露台和戶外用餐區,以及面向池畔酒吧的下沉式座椅,非常適合欣賞一年中365天無牆的日落-僅有稻田和壯觀的火山景色。 別墅中最具標誌性的特徵是“ Cala Saona”,它是一個約17m的海灘游泳池,由當地的奶油大理石製成,將水彩變成加勒比海的沙灘,周圍環繞著椰子樹叢林。

With even better views the first floor has 3 spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, one of them with freestanding black bathtub integrated in the bedroom and facing the ricefieldsn and another large outdoor terrace. Lastly, in the basement, a multi-function room, en-suite, able to be used as a cinema room or kids playing room, gym, office etc… spacious storage room as well as a laundry and linen area plus a staff toilet.

一樓設有3間寬敞的臥室,可欣賞到更好的風景,所有臥室均設有連接浴室,其中一間臥室配有集成式獨立黑色浴缸,面向Ricefieldsn花園和另一個大型戶外露台。 最後,在地下室中,有一個多功能室,套間,可以用作電影室或兒童遊樂室,健身房,辦公室等…寬敞的儲藏室以及洗衣房和亞麻區以及員工洗手間。

Batukaru Suites. The guest pavilion contains another 3 bedroom suites, with unobstructed views, each of them having their own private glass pool and terrace with outdoor seating, en-suite bathroom etc. This is the perfect boutique “hotel” of 3 units with private pool overlooking the rice fields and beautiful tropical nature.

巴圖卡魯套房。 客用展館還包括另外3間臥室,可一覽無余景觀,每個套房都有自己的私人玻璃泳池以及帶戶外座位,露台和連接浴室等的露台。這是3個單位的完美精品“酒店”,可俯瞰私人泳池 稻田和美麗的熱帶自然。


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