Architects: Martin Friedrich Architects
Area: 519 m²
Year: 2013
Photographs: Derek Swalwell, Martin Friedrich, Gerard Warrener
Manufacturers: Meizai, Signorino, S&A Stairs
Structural Engineer: Vayco Structures
Buldier: 1186 Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor: Eslec
Landscaping: Jack Merlo Design
Joinery:Touch Wood cabinetry
Metal Work:Hiba Design & Construction
Total Site Area:697 sqm total
Design Principal:Martin Friedrich
Project Architects:Michael Ceckiewicz, Kris Treagus and Prashanth Iyer

建築師:馬丁·弗里德里希(Martin Friedrich)建築師
攝影:德里克·斯沃威爾(Derek Swalwell),馬丁·弗里德里希(Martin Friedrich),杰拉德·沃倫納(Gerard Warrener)
結構工程師:Vayco Structures
寶爾德(Buldier):1186 Pty Ltd
園林綠化:傑克·梅洛(Jack Merlo)設計
設計負責人:馬丁·弗里德里希(Martin Friedrich)
項目建築師:Michael Ceckiewicz,Kris Treagus和Prashanth Iyer

In today’s world, while requiring their indoor areas to provide for a comfortable and perhaps luxurious lifestyle, many people no longer want or need the maintenance of large gardens. These two townhouses in an affluent, Bayside suburb of Melbourne have been designed to be the perfect answer for this lifestyle.

在當今世界,儘管要求室內區域提供舒適甚至豪華的生活方式,但許多人不再需要或需要維護大型花園。 這兩個聯排別墅位於墨爾本Bayside郊區的一個富裕地區,其設計旨在為這種生活方式提供完美的解決方案。

The minimalist, contemporary design of these Brighton townhouses include spacious living / dining rooms opening via sliding doors allowing full openings to entertainer’s courtyards with wrap around pools.


The main entry areas opens onto a fully glazed wall orientated to view the pool beyond. However the pivotal feature of this space is the free standing sculptural circular staircase transcending all three levels with a large circular skylight flooding the interior in natural light.

主要入口區域通向全玻璃牆,可觀看外面的游泳池。 但是,該空間的關鍵特徵是獨立的雕塑圓形樓梯,該樓梯跨越所有三個層次,並帶有大的圓形天窗,以自然光淹沒室內。

The building is finished in a minimalist palette of pure white render externally with white louvers on the front and rear providing privacy from the neighbouring townhouse and breaking up the simple shapes of the cantilevered cuboidal forms. Internally, the deep grey European oak flooring, Pietro Grigio marble and mink grey carpet contrast with the white walls and add warmth and richness. The colour of the flooring is repeated in custom designed cabinetry throughout the houses including the cinema and study. The pure white interior is further accentuated by the vivid colours of the artwork.

該建築以極簡主義的純白色調完成,外部採用白色百葉窗裝飾,正面和背面採用白色百葉窗設計,為鄰近的聯排別墅提供了私密性,並打破了懸臂長方體形式的簡單形狀。 內部,深灰色的歐洲橡木地板,Pietro Grigio大理石和貂皮灰色地毯與白色牆壁形成對比,增添了溫暖和豐富感。 地板的顏色在包括電影院和書房在內的所有房屋的定制設計櫥櫃中重複出現。 藝術品的鮮豔色彩進一步凸顯了純白色的內飾。

On the first floor 3 generous sized bedrooms enjoy access to private en-suites, walk in robes and private balconies. These are connected via a gallery walkway with a continuous skylight running along the entire length. This skylight is broken up into 8 glazed sections with gimbled lights in each section projecting on paintings below.

一樓設有3間寬敞的臥室,可使用私人套間浴室,步入式衣櫃和私人陽台。 它們通過畫廊人行道相連,並在整個長度範圍內連續不斷地聚集著天窗。 該天窗分為8個玻璃部分,每個部分都有閃爍的光線投射在下面的畫上。

The basement with natural light permeating from the skylight 3 level above houses cinema, cellar, gymnasium and a 5 car garage with turntable.



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