Architects: Hillam Architects
Area: 1500 m²
Year: 2015
photographs: Joel Barbitta

建築師:Hillam Architects
照片:喬爾·巴比塔(Joel Barbitta)

Situated in the established inner Perth suburb of Dalkeith, the full potential of an existing 1980s brickwork house was realised by a series of dramatic alterations and additions. The expansive 1500sqm site was completely transformed to include a new driveway, gatehouse and guest wing, while the large rear garden is utilised to include a new pool, generous cabana and outbuilding.

坐落在珀斯市內已建立的達爾基思郊區,通過一系列的重大改建和擴建,可以充分利用現有的1980年代磚砌房屋的潛力。 佔地1500平方米的寬敞場地已完全改建,包括一條新車道,警衛室和客運側樓,而大型後花園則被用來容納一個新泳池,寬敞的小屋和附屬建築。

A new concrete canopy across the front elevation enhances the street presence of the residence while the reflection pool and stone tile path guide visitors to the entry, where a faceted timber window meets them at the front door.


Preserving the northern aspect of the original home was a high priority with the kitchen and main living areas to have a strong connection with the outdoors. The private areas of the house are primarily upstairs with the balcony to the master bedroom ensuring a visual connection to the tranquil pool and cabana area below.

保留原始房屋的北側是廚房和主要起居區的高度優先事項,以使其與戶外環境保持緊密聯繫。 房屋的私人區域主要位於樓上,主臥室設有陽台,可確保與下方的寧靜泳池和小屋區保持視覺連接。

New canopies and balconies were amalgamated with existing forms and new timber finishes that bring sophistication and warmth to the project. Existing brickwork facades are concealed behind a new, restrained palette of rough sawn Victorian Cypress and dressed Blackbutt timber cladding.

新的頂篷和陽台與現有的形式和新的木材飾面融合在一起,為項目帶來了精緻和溫暖。 現有的磚砌外牆被隱藏在一個新的,受約束的粗糙鋸制的維多利亞柏樹和打扮得很黑的木材覆層後面。

The rear elevation opens up to the garden with full height glazing around the ground floor perimeter that floods the main living, playroom and gym with northern light. A formal lounge room remains as a relic to the original house that serves as a new music and theatre room for its young family to retreat to.

後部高度通向花園,在底樓周圍環繞著全高的玻璃,使主要的起居室,遊戲室和健身房充滿了北極光。 正式的休息室仍然是原始房屋的遺物,是其年輕家庭可以撤退的新音樂和劇院室。

The interior finishes mirror the exterior materiality and feature Blackbutt cladding and floors to the living areas, while the curving kitchen cabinets are finished in a blackened timber veneer.



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