Architects: Polidura + Talhouk
Year: 2007
Construction:Costructora Los Robles
Site Area:950 m2
Materiality:Stone, slate, wood and concrete
Project Architects:Antonio Polidura, Marco Polidura, Pablo Talhouk
Structures:Daniel Stagno

建築師:Polidura + Talhouk
建築:Costructora Los Robles
項目建築師:安東尼奧·波利杜拉(Antonio Polidura),馬可·波利杜拉(Marco Polidura),帕勃羅·塔爾霍克(Pablo Talhouk)
結構:Daniel Stagno

The commission was for a home for a young couple with two children, located on a plot of 950 m2 in the Reserva subdivision in Chicureo, in the Colina commune.

The terrain presented three conditions that determined the operations that define the project. Being a triangular site on a corner, building setbacks left a buildable area at the center of the site. A steep slope of about 40% and finally, the orientation of sunlight and views of the valley.


地形呈現出三個條件,這些條件確定了定義項目的操作。 作為拐角處的三角形站點,建築挫折在站點的中央留下了一個可建區域。 大約40%的陡坡,最後是陽光的定向和山谷的景色。

The operation consists of separating the program into two overlapping volumes, placed parallel to the direction of the slope so that in section, the two bodies are related to the site.

The lower volume is buried in the ground and adopts a materiality which enables it to be perceived as a base blended into the terrain and the stone cairns enclosing the plot. This volume contains the bedrooms with access to a garden which is located over the lower street level.


較低的體積被埋在地下,並採用了一種物質性,使其可以被視為混合到地形和包圍該地塊的石棺的基礎。 該卷包含臥室,這些臥室可通往位於較低街道水平的花園。

The upper volume, as abstract as possible, aims to differentiate itself from the site and base. For this purpose, a very pure geometry is designed, and the volume is clad in a single material with an industrial look and a neutral color (slate gray). The break of this volume is to avoid the views of the quarry, the views are concentrated to the valley.

This volume houses the most public spaces, and has access to a courtyard at the level of the upper street, through a single large void.

上卷盡可能抽象,旨在將自己與站點和基礎區分開來。 為此,設計了非常純淨的幾何形狀,並將體積包裹在具有工業外觀和中性色(板岩灰色)的單一材料中。 這個體積的突破是為了避開採石場的景觀,將景觀集中到山谷中。



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