Architects: Junsekino Architect and Design
Area:215 m²
Year: 2015
photographs: Spaceshift Studio

照片:Spaceshift Studio

On May 5th, 2014, a strong earthquake of 6.3 Richter struck Chiang Rai Province in the North of Thailand, destroying 73 schools affecting over two thousand students. Through the initiation of a non-profit network named Design for Disasters (D4D), a post -disaster recovery program was launched to design and build 9 new earthquake resistant school buildings in the most affected areas. Nine emerging Thai architects were assigned to design new school buildings, one for each school.The Engineering Institute of Thailand and The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand provided the engineering support. Thai Contractors Association linked the team to construction companies while the Association of Siamese Architects assisted in providing technical support and gathered public donation in the form of funding and construction materials through its network.

2014年5月5日,泰國北部清萊府發生里氏6.3級強烈地震,摧毀了73所學校,影響了2000多名學生。 通過啟動名為“災難設計”(D4D)的非營利網絡,啟動了災後恢復計劃,以在受災最嚴重的地區設計和建造9座新的抗震校舍。 指派了9名新興的泰國建築師來設計新的教學樓,每所學校一棟。泰國工程學會和泰國諮詢工程師協會提供了工程支持。 泰國承包商協會將團隊與建築公司聯繫起來,而暹羅建築師協會則協助提供技術支持,並通過其網絡以資金和建築材料的形式收集了公眾捐款。

Baan Nong Bua School, the local school which provides the element education for the children whose age ranged from 5 to 10 years old, has also been affected by this natural disaster. The school’s building which was damaged is considered to possess the same standard and pattern with other schools in Thailand; however, this pattern does not brace for the severe natural disasters. Due to the dilapidation of the building, the students were beseeched to study in the temporary pavilion which is not suitable for learning. Nevertheless, the school had not received enough budgets to cope with this circumstance; consequently, the possibility for the new building seems to be faint.

當地的班農布學校(Baan Nong Bua School)為5至10歲的兒童提供基礎教育,也受到了自然災害的影響。 該學校的建築物遭到破壞,被認為具有與泰國其他學校相同的標準和样式; 但是,這種模式不能應對嚴重的自然災害。 由於建築物殘舊不全,學生被迫在不適合學習的臨時展館學習。 然而,學校沒有收到足夠的預算來應付這種情況。 因此,建造新大樓的可能性似乎很小。

The school has requested for 4 classrooms with the utility space of 48 square meters; moreover, the central space is also required so the children can have their activity space. Additionally, the modular of the donated material utilization in the dry construction process is ideally managed in order to avoid the construction remainders. The structure of the building is mainly made by steel according to the principal condition that we had proposed since the steel structure would represent the flexible skeletal frame and this unrigid structure can also absorb the vibration when earthquakes occur. Besides, the steel structure can be constructed facilely and promptly in rural areas.

學校已要求使用4個教室,實用面積為48平方米; 此外,還需要中央空間,以便孩子們可以有自己的活動空間。 另外,理想地管理干法施工過程中捐贈材料利用的模塊化,以避免施工剩餘。 建築物的結構主要是根據我們提出的主要條件由鋼製成的,因為鋼結構代表了柔性的骨架,這種非剛性的結構也可以吸收地震發生時的振動。 此外,在農村地區可以方便快捷地建造鋼結構。

The walls of the building are composed of the modular system of wood cement boards which are widely available and handy. These wood cement boards can be used in constructing the walls as well as the shelves; therefore, the number of the construction remainders are subsequently decreased. However, the most significant concept is the developable design for the real users; students and teachers. For years to come, the users can adjust the functions according to their own demand; for instance, the classrooms can be integrated by the diminution of the partitions between 2 floors or the restoration of the building’s surface by using local material such as bamboo in order to facilitate the process of quality control; moreover, bamboo also has the flexibility which is suitable in case of earthquakes. Besides, the utilization of bamboo in the restoration of the building’s surface is facile for the calculation, transportation and construction.

建築物的牆壁由木水泥板的模塊化系統組成,可廣泛使用且方便。 這些木水泥板可用於建造牆壁和架子。 因此,施工剩餘物的數量隨後減少了。 但是,最重要的概念是針對實際用戶的可開發設計。 學生和老師。 未來幾年,用戶可以根據自己的需求調整功能; 例如,可以通過減少2層之間的間隔或通過使用諸如竹子的本地材料修復建築物表面來整合教室,以促進質量控製過程; 此外,竹子還具有適用於地震情況的柔韌性。 此外,竹子在建築物表面修復中的利用便於計算,運輸和建造。

The building is designed to correspond with the weather condition of the northern part of Thailand which allows the circulation of natural air, and the penetration of natural light into the building. The characteristics of the building are required to be thin and light. Besides, the building is demanded to have pavilion-like appearance in correspondence with the rural architecture in which the ceiling is elevated in order to allow the natural light to penetrate through the classrooms during daytime, the air can freely circulate, the humidity in the rooms is reduced and the floor is also elevated in case of flooding. Furthermore, there is also the space for keeping the shoes according to Thai culture which requires the guests to take off their shoes before entering the main building. The Veranda, thus, is the semi indoor outdoor space which is appropriated for Thai culture and weather condition. The extended eaves can be provided as the weather shield; however, the air can also pass through the building facilely. Additionally, the number of the pillars and other components has also been diminished since the building is constructed by using the benevolence.


Finally, this education building is the architecture which is constructed through the cooperation of every folks in the locality; therefore, no one is in charge of possessing this building since it is the outcome of all locals’ spirit. Eventually, Baan Nong Bua Pordee Pordee School Project is considered to be the model of the public building which is appropriated for current circumstance of Thailand; it is good to be sufficient, Pordee Pordee.

最後,該教育建築是通過當地每個人的合作而建造的建築。 因此,沒有人負責擁有這座建築,因為這是所有當地人精神的產物。 最終,Baan Nong Bua Pordee Pordee學校項目被認為是適合泰國當前情況的公共建築模型; Pordee Pordee足夠好就好了。


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