Architects: NEW HOW architects
Area: 190 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Petr Polák
Manufacturers: Ikea, Novatop, PREFA, ALIA SYSTEM, Comfortella, Forbo, Petr Višňovský, SIKO BATHROOMS

建築師:NEW HOW建築師
製造商:宜家,Novatop,PREFA,ALIA SYSTEM,Comfortella,Forbo,PetrVišňovský,SIKO BATHROOMS

The house is only a few meters from the edge of the forest, from where it grows up towards the tops of spruces. Nestled among the trees, almost hidden compared to other white plaster houses next door, it almost looks as if it has been swallowed up by forests… The design is based on the local nature and color, in which you can find all shades of gray.

這所房子距離森林的邊緣只有幾米之遙,從那里長到雲杉的頂端。 坐落在樹木之間,與隔壁的其他白色石膏房屋相比,幾乎被隱藏了,看起來好像被森林吞沒了……設計基於當地的自然和色彩,在其中您可以找到所有的灰色陰影。

You can see gray in the shades of trees, in granite and basalt rocks, and even in the dark green needles and trunks of the local spruces, which are so typical of the forests of the Ore Mountains. From the beginning, it was clear that the facade and roof of the holiday home should be covered with aluminum in a similar dark color. The façade structure was used to create an intense rough surface that vaguely resembles oiled black wood and slow-growing spruce trunks.

在樹木的陰影,花崗岩和玄武岩的岩石中,甚至在深綠色的針葉和當地雲杉的樹幹中,都可以看到灰色,這是礦石山森林的典型特徵。 從一開始,就很明顯,度假屋的外牆和屋頂應該用類似深色的鋁覆蓋。 立面結構用於創建強烈的粗糙表面,模糊地類似於上油的黑木和緩慢生長的雲杉樹幹。

However, its color and surface are not the only striking aspects of this house. From a formal point of view, the new building is represented by an aerodynamic but angular figure, where classic elements, such as the roof and the wall, give way to a clear shape and merge with each other. The appearance was created through many precisely set spatial scenes of the interior and on the basis of seasonally changing local climatic conditions, as the snow load in winter requires the choice of a steep roof angle.

然而,它的顏色和表面並不是這所房子唯一引人注目的方面。 從正式的角度來看,新建築以空氣動力學但棱角分明的圖形代表,其中經典元素(例如屋頂和牆壁)讓位於清晰的形狀並相互融合。 外觀是通過內部的許多精確設置的空間場景以及季節性變化的局部氣候條件創建的,因為冬季的雪荷載要求選擇陡峭的屋頂角度。

The idea of a “lookout tower” also determines the height of the house from the inside. It should resemble a tower rather than a house and should also serve as a hideaway. Instead of the usual two floors, three levels of action were created – each with its own character. At the highest level, the house serves as a studio, library, and also as a refuge. At this point, it is possible to let thoughts fly… A square window with a side of 2.5 m long frames the view of the treetops, the sky, and the landscape. One floor lower, in addition to the bathroom and the open gallery space, we can also find sleeping corners here. The floor is partly formed by a net that establishes a connection with the lowest level both visually and acoustically and functions as a rest area.

“ look望塔”的概念還決定了房屋從內部的高度。 它應該像塔而不是房子,並且還應該作為隱蔽處。 取代了通常的兩層樓,創建了三個級別的動作-每個動作都有自己的特點。 在最高層,這所房子既是工作室,圖書館,又是避難所。 在這一點上,可以讓思想飛揚……側面有2.5 m長的方形窗戶可以看到樹梢,天空和風景。 低一層,除了浴室和開放式畫廊空間,我們還可以在這裡找到睡覺的角落。 地板的一部分由網形成,該網在視覺和聽覺上都與最低層建立連接,並充當休息區。

It’s a place where you can unleash your imagination. Sitting in a net and not having solid ground underfoot has something to do with the dream of flying, as well as looking up at the sky. The lowest level of the house is dominated by the main social area with a kitchen and a central fireplace – a place of the meeting and lively conversation. The technical background is located in a partially sunken basement. In the near future, the house will be inhabited throughout the year.

在這裡,您可以發揮想像力。 坐在網中並且腳下沒有堅實的地面與飛行夢想以及仰望天空有關。 房屋的最低層是主要的社交區域,裡面有廚房和中央壁爐-會議和熱鬧的對話場所。 技術背景位於部分下陷的地下室中。 在不久的將來,這棟房子將全年居住。

For this reason, the house already has places to sleep for at least ten people. In addition, the energy concept of the house should be expanded in the future as well. It is currently heated by an open fireplace and electricity. In addition, the house is already equipped with connection points for the rooftop photovoltaic system and for vertical wind turbines that help realize the idea of energy self-sufficient life.

因此,房子已經有至少十個人可以睡覺的地方。 此外,房屋的能源概念也應在將來擴展。 目前,它通過開放式壁爐和電加熱。 此外,房屋已經配備了屋頂光伏系統和垂直風力渦輪機的連接點,有助於實現能源自給自足的生活理念。


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