Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
Area: 450 m²
Year: 2010
photographs: Amit Geron

建築師:Pitsou Kedem建築師
照片:阿米特·傑隆(Amit Geron)

A frontal courtyard excavated to a depth of three meters and the second courtyard at the level of the building’s ground floor.This topographical interface creates a unique cross section to the building’s mass with each part of the building, even the section constructed as a basement, being open to its own courtyard.

開挖深度達三米的前院,第二層院落在建築物底樓的水平。這種地形界面在建築物的各個部分(甚至是作為地下室的部分)中都形成了一個與建築物整體相稱的獨特橫斷面, 對自己的庭院開放。

The central space of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room is open in two directions – to the west and to the east.This provides a feeling that the space is constantly enveloped by natural light and the greenery of the trees in the courtyard.

廚房,餐廳和起居室的中央空間向西和向東兩個方向開放。這給人一種感覺,即空間被自然光和院子裡的綠樹不斷包圍 。

The structure’s central space, set in the center of the plot, is accessed via a long bridge that crosses the sunken courtyard and leads to the front door.From the bridge, we can see the children’s living rooms which open into the basement.


The house’s central space rises to a height of six meters and is 17 meters long.There are no pillars in the space and the entire front is transparent with glass windows that slide apart with the aid of an electric motor. Thus, the entire interior of the home opens into the courtyard and the border between inside and outside is cancelled. The swimming pool seems as if it extends into the structure and, when looking into the house from the courtyard, the house in reflected in the pool which strengthens our impression of the building’s mass. The master bedroom is set on the second floor and opens onto the double space and the courtyard allowing for a view of the entire plot.

房屋的中央空間上升到六米高,長17米,空間內沒有柱子,整個前部是透明的,玻璃窗在電動馬達的幫助下滑動開來。 因此,房屋的整個內部都通向庭院,內部和外部之間的邊界也被取消了。 游泳池似乎延伸到建築物中,當從庭院看房子時,房子在游泳池中反射,這增強了我們對建築物質感的印象。 主臥室位於二樓,可通向雙人空間和庭院,可欣賞整個土地景觀。

The structures two supporting side walls have been emphasized, one was poured from exposed, architectural concrete and on the other a large library reaches to its full height.



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