American studio Sanders Pace Architecture took cues from traditional Japanese architecture to create a house that looks toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Short Mountain House is located in the town of Maryville in eastern Tennessee.

美國工作室桑德斯·佩斯建築學(Sanders Pace Architecture)從日本傳統建築中汲取靈感,創建了一座可眺望大煙山國家公園的房屋。

Short Mountain House旅館位於田納西州東部的Maryville鎮。

Perched on a ridge, the dwelling has panoramic views of the national park, which is known for its rolling mountains, old-growth forests and preserved 19th-century homesteads.

Sanders Pace Architecture, based in the nearby city of Knoxville, designed the residence for a couple who often have family members visiting from out of town.


桑德斯·佩斯建築事務所(Sanders Pace Architecture)位於附近的諾克斯維爾市(Knoxville),為一對經常有家人從外地來訪的夫婦設計住所。

To provide enough space and privacy for everyone, the architects divided the home into three, connected pavilions, which are arrayed on a rectangular site.

This configuration enables the house to be compartmentalised when guests come to stay.



To help the house blend with its natural setting, the architects clad the foundations with stone and the walls in accoya wood – both charred and naturally stained.

The blackened accoya was burnt using the Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban, which helps increase the material’s longevity.

“The heavily charred surface of the board makes the wood fire retardant, as well as resistant to rot, insects and decay,” the team said.


變黑的可可豆是用日本壽壽板(Shou Sugi Ban)藝術燒製的,有助於增加材料的壽命。


A series of recessed patios are informed by engawas, an element in Japanese architecture where wood or bamboo flooring marks the perimeter of rooms or buildings.

When placed on the periphery of a Japanese house, an engawa acts as a porch-style transition between the home and its garden, the firm said.

With Short Mountain House, the porches help control solar heat gain, as they provide overhangs that held shade sliding glass doors.



有了Short Mountain House,這些門廊提供了可支撐遮陽滑動玻璃門的懸挑,從而有助於控制太陽熱能的獲取。

The pavilions define a series of outdoor spaces around the house, including a central lawn. Their positioning also affords views of the national park.

涼亭定義了房屋周圍的一系列室外空間,包括中央草坪。 它們的位置還可以欣賞到國家公園的景色。

Each pavilion is a simple, gabled form that draws references to the region’s vernacular buildings. Clad in standing-seam metal, the roofs are pitched in a way that takes cues from traditional Japanese architecture.

每個展館都是一個簡單的山牆形式,引用了該地區的鄉土建築。 屋頂覆蓋著立縫金屬,傾斜的方式汲取了日本傳統建築的靈感。

The most central volume contains the living, dining and kitchen spaces, along with an office and laundry room. Another pavilion holds the master suite and garage, which are separated by a breezeway.

A third volume encompasses a studio space and two guests bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

最中央的部分包含起居室,餐廳和廚房空間,以及辦公室和洗衣房。 另一個涼亭擁有主人套房和車庫,它們之間由微風分開。


These pavilions are joined by corridors with floor-to-ceiling glass.

“These spaces are designed to feel like bridges spanning between the pavilions,” the studio said.

For the interiors, the team used a simple palette of materials, such as painted drywall, white oak flooring and pine window trim. In the master bathroom, finishes were chosen to complement a Japanese soaking tub.



在內部裝飾方面,該團隊使用了簡單的材料調色板,例如粉刷幹牆,白橡木地板和松木窗戶裝飾。 在主浴室中,選擇飾面來補充日式浸泡浴缸。

Furnishings were purchased by the homeowners, with the exception of a custom bed in the master suite created by Sanders Pace. Its design takes cues from a type of Japanese cabinetry known as a tansu.

Founded in 2002 by John Sanders and Brandon Pace, Sanders Pace Architecture has completed a number of projects in East Tennessee. Others include the French Broad House – a family dwelling composed of three connected volumes that zigzag through the forest.

Photography is by Keith Isaacs Photo.

房主購買了家具,但桑德斯·佩斯(Sanders Pace)創建的主人套房中有一張定制床。 它的設計取材自日本一種叫做tansu的櫥櫃。

由John Sanders和Brandon Pace於2002年成立的Sanders Pace Architecture已在東田納西州完成了許多項目。 其他包括法國大宅(French Broad House),這是一個家庭住宅,由三個相互連接的體積組成,它們蜿蜒穿過森林。

攝影由Keith Isaacs攝影。



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