Architects: Junsekino Architect and Design
Area: 450 m²
Year: 2017
Spaceshift Studio
Manufacturers: COTTO, SYS, TOA


P.K. House is a single house for the family of five locating within the developed housing on suburban area of Bangkok. With an identical shape and size of plot, an architect chose to specify first the open space in order to give the building some sense of uniqueness which this space will be used for relaxing, exercising and planting. In addition, the family members can breathe in the natural air as well as ease their stress and enjoy the scenery of nature outside.

P.K. 獨棟房屋是一家五口之家的一所獨棟房屋,位於曼谷郊區的發達住宅內。 在具有相同形狀和大小的地塊的情況下,建築師選擇首先指定開放空間,以賦予建築某種獨特感,該空間將用於放鬆,鍛煉和種植。 此外,家庭成員還可以呼吸自然空氣,緩解壓力,並欣賞外面的自然風光。

The interior space including living area and dining room are designed to be shared space for serving all the members on their joint activities with a double space in some area making this space wide andwell-ventilated. The second floor space would emphasizing more on the privacy with a common area that can be extended in the future if needed.

內部空間(包括起居區和餐廳)被設計為共享空間,為所有成員共同開展活動提供服務,在某些區域設有雙重空間,使該空間寬敞且通風良好。 二樓的空間將更加強調隱私性,並在將來需要時可以擴展公共區域。

The boundary of the house and living area are clearly defined which helps creating the sense of privacy to the space. By using double layer façade, the space is not only become more private but also become cooler as this screen help reducing heat penetrating to the interior space. Furthermore, with the use of the metal mesh as a façade element, the light and shadow effect within the space is shifted through time which create the aesthetic perception likewise the natural ventilation to the resident. As well as for the roof, the double layer method also apply to the design which help lighten the overall mass of the building and cool down the space inside. Altogether of these stated elements, these become part of distinguishing the horizontal and vertical element of the design.

房屋和起居區的邊界被明確定義,這有助於營造空間的私密感。 通過使用雙層立面,該空間不僅變得更加私密,而且變得更加涼爽,因為此屏幕有助於減少熱量散發到內部空間。 此外,通過使用金屬網作為立面元素,空間內的光影效果會隨著時間推移而變化,這同樣會給居住者帶來自然的通風感。 除屋頂外,雙層方法也適用於設計,這有助於減輕建築物的整體重量並冷卻內部空間。 這些規定的要素共成為區分設計的水平和垂直要素的一部分。


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