An incomparable residence designed around a historic 1928 great room on Lake Michigan has relisted for $10.95 million.


The one-of-a-kind home sits on a 2.7 acre property overlooking Lake Michigan and exemplifies what can be built today with detail & craftsmanship borrowed from the past.


The soaring great room was designed by Alfred Granger in 1928 and architect Stuart Cohen designed a new six bedroom home around the space, incorporating equally impressive formal rooms and detail.

高聳的大房間是由阿爾弗雷德·格蘭傑(Alfred Granger)於1928年設計的,建築師斯圖爾特·科恩(Stuart Cohen)在空間周圍設計了一個新的六居室住宅,其中包括同樣令人印象深刻的正式房間和細節。

After eight years of design & construction, the carved limestone, brick & timber home was completed in 2001.


Much of the woodwork and lighting was designed and fabricated in England, while the landscaped bluff, an engineering feat taking 5 years to complete, was developed with stone paths, steps & terraces leading to a 2,500 square foot heated boat house with approximately 400-feet of protected beach.

許多木製品和照明設備是在英格蘭設計和製造的,而景觀虛張聲勢(需要5年才能完成)是由石路,台階和露台開發而成的,通向一個2,500平方英尺的加熱船屋,大約有400英尺 保護的海灘。

The house extends 8,865 square feet with six bedrooms, six full and two half bathrooms, a DeGiulio kitchen and panelled library all with gorgeous lake views! The property hit the market in 2019 for $12 million. This truly unique property is on the market for $10.95 million with Ann Lyon of Berkshire Hathaway.

房子的面積為8,865平方英尺,包括六間臥室,六間完整和兩個半浴室,一間DeGiulio廚房和帶嵌板的圖書館,均享有美麗的湖景! 該物業於2019年以1200萬美元的價格上市。 與伯克希爾·哈撒韋公司的安·里昂一起,這套真正獨特的物業以1095萬美元的價格在市場上出售。



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