Architects: Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Area: 2000 m²
Year: 2021
Manufacturers: Nuprotec
Arquitectos A Cargo:Mauricio Pezo, Sofía von Ellrichshausen
Colaboradores:Aleksi Vicic, Eva de Hovre, Diego Pérez, Sofie Taveirne, Victoria Bodevin, Caitlyn Flowers
Estructura:Luis Mendieta
Instalaciones:CITEC, Ariel Bobadilla, Cristian Muñoz, Sandra Gomez, Isidora Gouet
Cliente:Universidad del Bío-Bío

建築師:Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Arquitectos A貨物:Mauricio Pezo,索非亞·馮·埃里希斯豪森
合作夥伴:Aleksi Vicic,Eva de Hovre,DiegoPérez,Sofie Taveirne,Victoria Bodevin,Caitlyn Flowers
表演者:CITEC,Ariel Bobadilla,CristianMuñoz,Sandra Gomez,Isidora Gouet

We were told that when resources are scarce, intensity compensates for high performance (because there seems to be a deep gap between ingeniousness and intelligence). Of course, we knew that any project is a reaction to its circumstances.

有人告訴我們,當資源稀缺時,強度會補償高性能(因為在創造力和智力之間似乎存在很大的差距)。 當然,我們知道任何項目都是針對其情況的反應。

This is an apparently simple, stable, and regular building that contains an unexpected and exaggerated interior. This is the world of innovation; a continuous, fluid, and open space that conceptual and physically translates the creative processes of academic practice, that sequential development of formal research or the reversible and multiple dimension associated with informal knowledge.

這是一個看起來簡單,穩定且常規的建築,其中包含意想不到的誇張內部。 這是創新的世界; 一個連續的,流動的和開放的空間,從概念上和物理上轉化了學術實踐的創造性過程,形式研究的連續發展或與非正式知識相關的可逆性和多維性。

The building acknowledges the need for polarizing the innovation time in at least two moments: in a creative experience based on a social, collective and integrated realm, and another rather individual, intimate and solitary experience. The spatial structure of the building is based in these two clearly differentiated conditions. On the one hand side there is an open core that establishes a series of vertically interconnected halls, with a circular void that reduces its size upon ascension.

該建築承認至少需要在兩刻之間使創新時間兩極分化:在基於社會,集體和整合領域的創造體驗中,以及在另一相當個人,親密和孤獨的體驗中。 建築物的空間結構基於這兩個明顯不同的條件。 一方面,有一個開放的核心,可建立一系列垂直互連的大廳,並帶有圓形空隙,可在提升時減小其大小。

On the other hand, private working spaces occupy the corners of every floor plan, in a quarter of a circle figure which center pivots around every edge, growing inversely proportional to the central voids. Instead of the traditional system of pillars within a nondifferentiated and nonhierarchical grid, this office plan also provides specific rooms for exhibitions, workshops, and meetings, visual and acoustically controlled by the curved walls that work like opaque screens. The character and diversity of the resulting space somehow promotes the dynamics of a non-categorized work (or with ever-changing positions) between professors, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and the local communities.

另一方面,私人工作空間佔據了每個平面圖的角落,以四分之一的圓形狀佔據了中心,圍繞每個邊緣旋轉,與中心空隙成反比。 該辦公計劃取代了無差別且無等級的網格中的傳統支柱系統,還提供了用於展覽,研討會和會議的特定房間,這些房間的視覺和聽覺由彎曲的牆壁控制,就像不透明的屏幕一樣。 結果空間的特徵和多樣性以某種方式促進了教授,學生,研究人員,企業家和當地社區之間未分類工作(或職位不斷變化)的動態。


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