Architects: Craft Architecture
Area: 1199 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Romain Laffue
Manufacturers: DL Aquitaine, Etchart Construction, Fauché CUNY, Géoforage, Nouvelle Miroiterie Landaise, Soubestre
Fluides, Thermique:ECO²Watt

攝影:羅曼·拉菲(Romain Laffue)
製造商:DL阿基坦,Etchart Construction,FauchéCUNY,Géoforage,Nouvelle Miroiterie Landaise,Soubestre

The new CARHARTT WIP complex is a multi-purpose site made up of sales space as well as storage, a catering area and adaptable surfaces for exhibitions and other versatile events.

全新的CARHARTT WIP建築群是一個多功能場所,由銷售空間,存儲,餐飲區和可用於展覽和其他多功能活動的表面組成。

The project is presented as a succession of 4 elongated halls, arranged two by two and connected visually by an openwork metal structure. Each hall is built identically, from a simple but contemporary architectural creed echoing the traditional Landes longères, whilst also reflecting the industrial architecture to be found throughout the surrounding industrial estate.

該項目以連續的4個細長大廳展示,兩個大廳兩個接一個地佈置,並通過鏤空金屬結構在視覺上相連。 每個大廳的建築都是相同的,其簡潔但現代的建築信條呼應了傳統的Landeslongères,同時也反映了在整個周邊工業區中發現的工業建築。

Each building is finished with the same matte black metal facade which lends the project its homogeneity. This ribbed metal cladding joins seamlessly at the roof and is perforated sporadically across certain windows to preserve the intimacy of interior spaces.

每棟建築均採用相同的磨砂黑色金屬外牆進行裝飾,使該項目具有同質性。 帶肋的金屬覆層在屋頂無縫連接,並在某些窗戶上偶爾打孔,以保持內部空間的私密性。

The halls have been constructed based upon a single structural model, identifiable by their expressive gables which, staggered along the avenue, punctuate the main facade. These gables are made of molded concrete and each constitutes a single block of 20 tonnes.

大廳是根據單一結構模型建造的,可以通過其富有表現力的山牆加以識別,這些山牆沿著大街交錯排列,點綴了主立面。 這些山牆是由模製混凝土製成的,每個山牆構成一個20噸的單個塊。


The “irregular” arrangement contributes to the singularity of the whole and affects a fragmentation of scale in the structure. The halls, aligned in pairs, are arranged along an exterior central mall, which brings the public together, extending from the pedestrian square created at the center of the project. The openwork structure, which overhangs this interstice, will serve as the support for the growth of plants, with an abundance of greenery creating a living, breathing space.

“不規則”排列有助於整體的奇異性,並會影響結構中的比例碎片。 大廳成對排列,沿著外部中央購物中心排列,從項目中心創建的步行廣場延伸到公眾,使公眾聚集在一起。 懸於空隙之間的鏤空結構將為植物的生長提供支持,並通過大量的綠色植物營造出一個生活,呼吸的空間。

Inside, the spaces are raw and white in contrast to the exterior finish. All the walls are constructed of concrete blocks, painted the same color as the structural and technical elements, which are all visible. All of the spaces are naturally lit with diffused light from the generous glass windows arranged on the northern slopes of the roofs. The sales areas also have subtle LED lighting.

在內部,與外部裝飾相比,空間是原始的和白色的。 所有牆壁均由混凝土砌塊構成,並塗上與結構和技術元素相同的顏色,並且全部可見。 所有空間都自然採光,這些光來自屋頂北坡上佈置的寬敞玻璃窗的散射光。 銷售區域還具有微妙的LED照明。

The functional furniture comes from industrial suppliers: bars and clamps from scaffolding and galvanised industrial metal shelving. This is factory stock furniture, utilised in an atypical but considered manner. The raw,industrial aspect is counterbalanced by the use of noble materials such as Ceppo di Gre stone, strikingly utilised in the construction of an oversized checkout counter. Pine plywood, another construction material, is sparingly present and worked with care.

功能性家具來自工業供應商:腳手架和鍍鋅工業金屬擱板的桿和夾具。 這是工廠庫存的家具,以非典型但經過深思熟慮的方式使用。 通過使用諸如Ceppo di Gre石材之類的貴重材料,在原始工業方面得到了抵消,這些材料被驚人地用於建造超大尺寸的結賬櫃檯。 鬆散的膠合板是另一種建築材料,很少使用並經過精心處理。


For the flooring, the concrete has been sanded, revealing the pebbles contained within and providing a Terrazzo effect.


Regarding the environmental aspect: the design, implementation and orientation of the project have been developed giving equal consideration to the site, it’s function and the climate. The predominance of natural light serves as testament to this in tandem with the ventilation system by means of automated skylights.

在環境方面:項目的設計,實施和方向已得到充分考慮,並同時考慮了場地,功能和氣候。 借助自動天窗,自然光的優勢與通風系統相輔相成。

A geothermal system has been implemented via 12 boreholes each with a depth of 100 meters, coupled with dynamic slabs in the buildings, making it possible to heat and cool all spaces in all seasons. Photovoltaic panels concealed in the roofs complete this system. The design ensures an autonomous building with low energy consumption.

地熱系統通過12個鑽孔(每個鑽孔深度為100米)以及建築物中的動態平板實施,從而可以在所有季節加熱和冷卻所有空間。 隱藏在屋頂中的光伏板完善了該系統。 該設計確保了低能耗的自主建築。


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