Architects: Designplus Associates Services, Mccullough Mulvin Architects
Area: 30809 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Christian Richters
Architect In Charge:McCullough Mulvin Architects, Designplus Associates Services
Civil And Structural Engineer:Pristine Solutions Delhi
Quantity Surveyor:Vinod Markanda Delhi
Landscape Architects:Integral Landscape
Facade Consultants:KR Suresh, Axis Facades Mumbai
Contractors:Gannon Dunkerley & Company Limited, ANJ Mumbai

建築師:Designplus Associates Services,Mccullough Mulvin Architects
主管建築師:McCullough Mulvin,Designplus Associates Services建築師
土木和結構工程師:Pristine Solutions Delhi
工料測量師:Vinod Markanda Delhi
外立面顧問:孟買安訊士外牆KR Suresh

The Learning Laboratory is a new type of meeting space, an engine for education, a city for students, a destination for conversation; it mediates timeless form and offers complex spatial adventures. The building comprises a library, lecture theatres and a science faculty, each in a tall red Agra stone volume, with white marble detail, the facades mediated using louvred stone screens like traditional Jaali screens.

學習實驗室是一種新型的會議空間,是教育的引擎,學生的城市,對話的目的地; 它調解了永恆的形式,並提供了複雜的空間冒險。 該建築包括一個圖書館,演講廳和一所理學院,每一個都以高大的紅色阿格拉石砌成,並帶有白色大理石細節,外牆採用百葉窗石屏風作為媒介,如傳統的賈里屏風。

A 130m x 130m podium structure runs between and acts as climate modifier. 10m in the air, with giant ramps at either end, it is a natural extension of the pedestrian route. Below, everything is inhabited within a forked plan, like spreading water; students congregate in the heat of the day around fountains, in the cool shade of a tall concrete structure. The water cools the air and moves it to allow for a reduction in temperature at the hottest times of the year.

130m x 130m的裙樓結構介於兩者之間並充當氣候調節器。 空中10m,兩端都有巨大的坡道,是人行道的自然延伸。 在下面,一切都生活在一個分叉的計劃中,例如撒水; 白天,學生們聚集在噴泉周圍,在高大的混凝土結構的陰涼處聚集。 水冷卻空氣並移動空氣,以便在一年中最熱的時候降低溫度。

The three buildings have lofty 30m atrium spaces of quite different character – in the library a zip-like tapering void, the science building a shaped city square, the lecture theatres hovering over a built landscape; all three are crossed by dramatic staircases; light spills from tree-filled roofs to the ground below and into the busy under-podium world.

這三座建築的中庭空間高高不一,各具特色,分別是30m。在圖書館中,拉鍊狀的錐形空隙逐漸形成,科學在建築中塑造出一個城市廣場,演講廳則在建築景觀上盤旋。 這三個台階都被戲劇性的樓梯穿過。 光線從樹木茂密的屋頂灑到下面的地面,再進入繁忙的講台世界。

The structure is concrete at a series of scales: a grid of giant columns holds the podium, with herringbone soffits. Raked columns in the library touch as they meet. The lecture building has 6 theatres suspended back to back, 3 over 3, from a giant order that frees up the floor plans and forms a datum for the dancing staircases.

該結構在一系列尺度上都是混凝土:巨大的柱狀網格支撐著講台,並設有人字形拱腹。 庫中傾斜的列在碰面時會相互接觸。 這座演講廳有6個劇院,背靠背懸掛著,三座3座以上,這是從一個巨大的命令中解脫出來的,這些命令釋放了平面圖並形成了跳舞樓梯的基準面。

The architecture is of solid geometric forms, evocative of natural geography – extending nature to form rocky heights and shaded valleys. This is a contemporary concept founded on a sense of place, sensible to the traditions of Indian architecture. It is founded on strong sustainability and environmental concerns in a monsoon climate; it is built simply, using local labor and materials; the provision of cooling and shade limit solar gain, the podium with pools makes a local microclimate; Nature runs through it, from the existing trees retained, to the new landscape planted on the roofs through which light is filtered.

該建築採用堅固的幾何形式,令人聯想到自然地理-將自然延伸到形成岩石的高度和陰影山谷。 這是建立在對印度建築傳統敏感的地方感的當代概念。 它建立在季風氣候下強烈的可持續性和環境關注的基礎上; 它是使用當地勞動力和材料簡單地建造的; 提供涼爽和遮蔭限制了日照,帶平台的講台使當地成為小氣候; 大自然貫穿其中,從保留的現有樹木到種植在屋頂上的新景觀,通過它們過濾光。


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