Architects: Knorr & Pürckhauer Architekten
Area: 500 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Philip Heckhausen
Project Management:Marco Caviezel
Construction Site Management:WT Partner AG / Frits Dekker
Structural Engineer:Ferrari Gartmann AG / Patrick Gartmann
House Automation:Kalt + Halbeisen AG, Daniel Raidt
Lighting Designers:Mettler Partner AG / Marc Dietrich
Type Design:m – d- buero / Ramona Heiligensetzer
Artwork:huber.huber / Reto Huber

項目管理:Marco Caviezel
施工現場管理:WT Partner AG / Frits Dekker
結構工程師:Ferrari Gartmann AG / Patrick Gartmann
房屋自動化:Kalt + Halbeisen AG,Daniel Raidt
照明設計師:Mettler Partner AG /馬克·迪特里希(Marc Dietrich)
字體設計:m-d- buero / Ramona Heiligensetzer
藝術品:huber.huber / Reto Huber

Knorr & pürckhauer architekten has completed a new building in zurich, which is located in the courtyard of a perimeter block development. the architects explain that these types of structures are commonly found across the city with uses ranging from workshops, offices, and medical practices to studios or even art galleries. this particular courtyard structure, located in zurich’s werd district, has been designed as an extension of a church’s retirement center. knorr & pürckhauer architekten, a firm led by philipp knorr and moritz pürckhauer, was asked to provide additional space for an existing retirement center run by the st. peter and paul parish church foundation.

克諾爾建築事務所(Knorr&pürckhauerarchitekten)在蘇黎世完成了一座新建築,該建築位於周邊街區開發的庭院中。 建築師解釋說,這些類型的結構在城市中很常見,用途廣泛,從車間,辦公室,醫療實踐到工作室甚至美術館。 這種特殊的庭院結構位於蘇黎世的韋德區,被設計為教堂退休中心的延伸。 由philipp knorr和moritzpürckhauer領導的公司knorr&pürckhauerarchitekten被要求為聖保羅州立大學現有的退休中心提供更多空間。 彼得和保羅教區教堂基金會。

In addition, the new structure was seen as an opportunity to breathe new life into the courtyard as well as the surrounding neighborhood. inspired by max liebermann’s painting ‘biergarten in brannenburg’, the new building became the starting point for a comprehensive re-design of the courtyard. fences were removed, while a uniform gravel surface was applied to its surroundings. conceived as a neighborhood pavilion that serves the entire community, the new building comprises three stacked rooms that differ in terms of their appearance.

此外,新結構被視為是向院子以及周圍社區注入新生命的機會。 受到馬克斯·利伯曼(Max liebermann)的畫作“勃蘭登堡的花園”的啟發,新建築成為全面重新設計庭院的起點。 去除圍牆,同時在其周圍施加均勻的礫石表面。 新建築被設想為為整個社區服務的鄰里涼亭,包括三個堆疊的房間,外觀各不相同。

The glazed ground floor is intended as a versatile space for the residents of the retirement center, who are able to pursue their hobbies such as cooking, sewing, handicrafts, or flower arrangements. floor-to-ceiling glazing ensures a close relationship with the adjacent courtyard.

釉面底樓是退休中心居民的多功能空間,他們可以追求自己的愛好,例如烹飪,縫紉,手工藝品或插花。 落地玻璃窗確保了與相鄰庭院的緊密聯繫。

Contained beneath a tent-like roof made from green pre-oxidized copper, the level above houses new offices for the client. large, circular windows fill the space with natural light, which is further emphasized thanks to bright, white surfaces. meanwhile, an auditorium is found in the basement with light entering through a semicircular skylight. all three rooms are connected with a spiral staircase, which links to the existing building in the basement.

該樓層位於由綠色預氧化銅製成的類似帳篷的屋頂下面,為客戶提供了新的辦公室。 大的圓形窗戶充滿自然光線,明亮的白色表面進一步強調了這一點。 同時,在地下室發現一個禮堂,光線通過半圓形天窗進入。 所有三個房間都通過螺旋樓梯相連,該樓梯連接到地下室中的現有建築物。


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