Architects: Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design
Area: 10000 ft²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Brad Feinknopf
Manufacturers: Kalwall®
Principal In Charge:Jonathan Barnes
Project Director:Katy Viccellio
Structural Engineering:SMBH
Mep Engineering:Prater
Process Engineering:Vitok Engineers
Contractor:Sullivan Builders
Country:United States

攝影:Brad Feinknopf
項目主管:Katy Viccellio

Middle West Spirits operated their artisan small batch distillery business from a 10,000 square foot, 1920’s era historic warehouse structure in a quickly gentrifying urban neighborhood of Columbus for several years before deciding to expand. Their plans to increase their capacity required new distillery equipment, including stills of 50 feet and 35 feet in height and several large mashing tanks, as well as a public tasting room, bottle shop and offices. To accommodate this equipment, a center portion of the original steel bow truss and wood roof was removed and a new 50 foot tall, tiered steel structure was inserted over new foundations below.

Middle West Spirits在迅速發展的哥倫布市區附近,經營了一家小巧的小批量釀酒廠,其面積為10,000平方英尺,具有1920年代的歷史悠久的倉庫結構,幾年後才決定擴大規模。 他們增加產能的計劃需要新的釀酒設備,包括高50英尺和35英尺的蒸餾器,幾個大型糖化罐,以及一個公共品酒室,瓶廠和辦公室。 為了容納該設備,拆除了原始鋼製弓形桁架和木屋頂的中央部分,並在下面的新基礎上插入了一個新的50英尺高的分層鋼結構。

The new structure was clad entirely in Kalwall panels, creating a monolithic white tower with a both striking and subtle daytime presence and a glowing, beacon-like quality at night. The tasting room and adjacent private function room feature exposed ceiling structure with a new skylight over an antique bar and seating. A large set of collapsible window panels open to a street-side patio. In this way, the re-imagined distillery directly participates in and amplifies the lively retail and entertainment neighborhood.

新結構完全覆蓋在Kalwall面板上,形成了整體的白色塔樓,白天既醒目又微妙,晚上則像燈塔一樣發光。 品酒室和相鄰的私人活動室採用裸露的天花板結構,在古董吧台和座位上具有新的天窗。 一大套可折疊的窗板通向街邊露台。 這樣,重新構想的釀酒廠直接參與並擴大了熱鬧的零售和娛樂區。

Behind the public spaces, the production area features a series of industrial, steel-structured mezzanine levels climbing to the uppermost sections of the stills to provide access for operations and maintenance and for public tours. The second level includes a public education space with a projecting frameless glass window to capture views of the neighborhood. The extremely limited site and the scale of the addition presented unique challenges for the project.

在公共場所的後面,生產區設有一系列工業鋼結構夾層樓,這些層樓一直爬到劇照的最上層,為操作和維護以及公眾旅行提供通道。 第二層包括一個公共教育空間,該空間帶有凸出的無框玻璃窗,可以捕捉到附近的景色。 場地極為有限,增加的規模對項目提出了獨特的挑戰。

In its early phase of construction, a hole was created in the barrel-vault roof and 5 stories of structural steel framing assembled from within. At the framing completion, the tall stills were threaded by crane through the steel structure, with inches to spare. The production space is considered a high hazard space, requiring blast walls and explosion-proof lighting fixtures throughout.

在其建設的早期階段,在桶形穹頂屋頂上開了一個洞,並從內部組裝了5層結構鋼框架。 取景完成時,高高的蒸餾器被起重機穿過鋼結構,餘下幾英寸。 生產空間被認為是高危險性空間,整個區域都需要爆炸牆和防爆照明燈具。

The singular, monolithic nature of the addition and its disconnected relationship with the ground plane create an ambiguity of scale – at its essence, a scale-less tower. Its contrasting relationship with the historic warehouse clearly illustrate its role as a “parabuilding” – that is, an addition or alteration (“parasite”) to an existing building (“host”) that transforms the essential character of the original structure.

附加物的奇異,整體性以及與地平面的不連續關係造成了比例的歧義-本質上是無比例的塔。 它與歷史悠久的倉庫形成鮮明對比的關係清楚地說明了其作為“輔助建築”的作用-即對現有建築物(“宿主”)的添加或改建(“寄生物”),從而改變了原始結構的基本特徵。


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