Architects: Architectkidd
Area: 2000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Jinnawat Borihankijanan
Architect In Charge:Architectkidd
Design Team:Korpong Sanaha, Nopnapa Areevijittrakoon, Waraporn Srikokjareon, Félix Baroux, Jariyawadee Lekawatana, Udomsak Komonvilas, Luke Yeung

攝影:Jinnawat Borihankijanan
設計團隊:Korpong Sanaha,Nopnapa Areevijittrakoon,Waraporn Srikokjareon,FélixBaroux,Jariyawadee Lekawatana,Udomsak Komonvilas,Luke Yeung

Architectkidd has completed the design of a horse-riding school in Bangkok. Named The Hay Equestrian Center & Eatery, the design is located on the outskirts of the city. The main intention is to design a place that is friendly for both horses and people. Emphasis is made to create an architectural design that could foster therapy programs, where horses participate in restoring the health of children and patients.

Architectkidd已完成了曼谷一所騎馬學校的設計。 該設計名為The Hay Equestrian Center&Eatery,位於城市郊區。 主要目的是設計一個對馬和人都友好的地方。 著重於創建可以促進治療方案的建築設計,其中馬參與恢復兒童和患者的健康。

During visits to the site, the Architectkidd team interacted with the horses and were inspired by their movement, anatomy and their convex and concave curvatures. The spaces were laid out according to the ways the horses move through the site, from stables to the public areas. In addition, the architecture of the main building of the equestrian center references these curved forms through the use of wooden materials.

在訪問該站點期間,Architectkidd團隊與這些馬互動,並受到它們的運動,解剖結構以及它們的凸凹曲線的啟發。 這些空間是根據馬從馬the到公共區域的移動方式佈置的。 此外,馬術中心主樓的建築通過使用木製材料來引用這些彎曲的形式。

Working with a pre-existing structural grid and column layout that had already been built, Architectkidd designed wood panels that were fabricated in ways that could merge the wall and ceiling surfaces. The resulting curved forms were then layered over the conventional structure and concrete construction.

通過使用已經建立的現有結構網格和列佈局,Architectkidd設計了木板,這些木板的製造方式可以使牆壁和天花板表面融合在一起。 然後將所得的彎曲模板鋪在常規結構和混凝土結構上。

Architectkidd and the owners chose to preserve the natural finishing of all the building materials used. The Padauk wood (Pterocarpus genus), with its natural variations in color ranging from orange-brown to red (and in time oxidizes to a darker purple-brown), resemble the color of the horses in the equestrian center.

Architectkidd和業主選擇保留所有使用的建築材料的自然裝飾。 Padauk木材(Pterocarpus屬)的顏色自然變化,範圍從橙棕色到紅色(隨著時間的推移會氧化成較深的紫棕色),類似於馬術中心的馬匹顏色。

Cafe Vlog EP. 1 I กินเที่ยวคาเฟ่ เรียนขี่ม้า ที่เดียวจบ! @ The Hay Equestrian center & Eatery

Although the essential elements of this equestrian center are the horses themselves, the design aims to create a comfortable environment for children and families. The interior spaces allow for natural light and plants to grow. From the restaurant, people are able to look outside and constantly interact with the horse riders and riding track. The entire area is conducive to not only horses and people, but also other animals such as ponies, ducks and chickens. For Architectkidd, it was a unique experience to design for such an animal community.

儘管這個馬術中心的基本元素是馬匹本身,但設計旨在為兒童和家庭創造一個舒適的環境。 內部空間允許自然光和植物生長。 人們可以從餐廳裡向外看,並不斷與騎馬者和賽道互動。 整個地區不僅有利於馬和人,而且有利於其他動物,例如小馬,鴨和雞。 對於Architectkidd來說,為這樣的動物群落設計是一種獨特的體驗。


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