Architects: PL.Architekci
Area: 272 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Tom Kurek
Collaborators:Patrycja Dembowy, Bartosz Stanek

攝影:湯姆·庫雷克(Tom Kurek)
合作者:Patrycja Dembowy,Bartosz Stanek

PL.architekci designed a house in Poznań with a barn-like look for Karolina. She had a dream of building a house allowing her to fulfil her passion for horseback riding and everything country western which all began with her love of Hollywood films about the Wild West. Karolina started with finding a perfect plot of land on the outskirts of Poznań, 30 min drive from the historic city center. In her free time apart from horseback riding (she owns a horse named Bystry (“Bright”)) she collects cacti.

PL.architekci在波茲南設計了一套帶有穀倉狀外觀的Karolina住宅。 她夢想著建造一所房子,讓她能夠實現對騎馬的熱情,以及所有鄉村西部的生活,所有這一切都源於她對好萊塢電影的狂野西部熱愛。 卡羅琳娜(Karolina)首先在波茲南(Poznań)郊區尋找理想的土地,距歷史悠久的市中心30分鐘車程。 在空閒時間,除了騎馬(她擁有一匹名叫Bystry(“光明”)的馬),她收集了仙人掌。

She started when she was 8 with a gift from her parents. Until today she owns 82 of them. The architects managed to fit such a building into the landscape by not competing with the surrounding environment and by letting the architecture complement the environment. Thanks to that the house is not like a monument in the middle of a field.

她8歲那年就從父母的禮物開始了。 直到今天,她擁有其中的82個。 建築師通過不與周圍環境競爭並讓建築與環境相輔相成,設法使這種建築適合景觀。 多虧了那棟房子不像田野中央的一座紀念碑。

The shape of the building – it is so simple that it could be drawn by a child, and at the same time resembles traditional rural buildings from the vicinity of Poznań. There is no room for chance – the roof is smooth and chimneys and all installations are hidden. According to the modernist principle, the less, the better, there are no embellishments, ornaments. As for the façade, the house is in the style of a barn, so it is wooden, made of raw larch, unprotected by anything – it will naturally age. It will go grey, there will be blemishes, it will become similar to the trees that grow around.

建築物的形狀–非常簡單,可以由兒童繪製,同時又類似於波茲南附近的傳統鄉村建築。 沒有機會的餘地–屋頂光滑,煙囪和所有設施都隱藏起來。 根據現代主義原則,數量越少越好,沒有裝飾,裝飾品。 至於立面,房子是穀倉風格,所以它是木製的,由原始的落葉松製成,不受任何保護,它會自然老化。 它會變成灰色,會出現瑕疵,變得與周圍的樹木相似。

It is only under the wood that a sealed structure is hidden. Siberian larch used here is characterized by very good durability. It is very dense, so it does not absorb water or moisture very easily – it is estimated that raw larch should be impregnated with oils approximately every 20years. You also do not need to clean it, just remember that from year to year will overlap an increasing patina. The owner wanted the living room to be traditionally facing south to let in a lot of sun. The designers proposed an opposite solution by reversing the perspective precisely because of the landscape.

只有在木頭下面才能隱藏密封結構。 這裡使用的西伯利亞落葉鬆的特點是非常好的耐久性。 它非常緻密,因此不易吸收水分或水分–據估計,大約每20年應將原落葉松浸入油中。 您也不需要清潔它,只需記住,逐年重疊的銅綠會越來越多。 業主希望客廳傳統上朝南,以使陽光充足。 設計師提出了一種相反的解決方案,即恰好因景觀而改變了視角。

From the north-east the house faces the most beautiful view – a meadow, trees and a small river, so there is the largest window. But ultimately the house has glazing from all four sides. In addition, there is a lot of wood inside, this time ash, which has an exceptionally beautiful grain. The floor was made of ash breath, 8 meters long, which is the entire width of the house. The roof truss is wooden, and the top of the kitchen island has been replaced with a raw piece of plank.

從東北看,房屋面對最美麗的景色-草地,樹木和一條小河,因此有最大的窗戶。 但最終,房子的四面都光彩照人。 另外,裡面有很多木頭,這次是灰燼,它有非常漂亮的紋理。 地板由煙灰製成,長8米,即房子的整個寬度。 屋頂桁架是木製的,廚房島的頂部已被一塊木板代替。

Black frames in large windows are not accidental – they frame the landscape and thus the interior connects seamlessly to it. In the private part, the bed and bath stand right next to the window, so that you can observe nature. In the garden only a few trees were planted, and the rest stayed, what it was – a wild meadow. Even the path was made of the usual dirt stones, between which the grass grows. No smoothing, trimming under the ruler.

大窗戶中的黑框並非偶然-它們將景觀框起來,因此內部與景觀無縫連接。 在私人部分,床和浴室就站在窗戶旁邊,這樣您就可以觀察大自然。 在花園裡,只種了幾棵樹,其餘的都留在原地-一片野草。 甚至小路也都是用通常的污垢石砌成的,在它們之間長有草。 沒有平滑,在標尺下修剪。


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