Architects: Studio Cochi Architects
Area: 108 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ooki Jingu
Architect In Charge:Toshiyuki Igarashi
Design Team:Studio Cochi Architects
Structure Engineers:Masayuki Takata, RGB Structure

建築師:Studio Cochi Architects
設計團隊:Studio Cochi Architects
結構工程師:高田雅之(Masayuki Takata),RGB結構

A house and workshop for a couple and three children. The site is located on a hill overlooking the sea on the south side of the southern part of the main island of Okinawa. In the future, the owner plans to expand children’s rooms, stores, garages, etc. in response to changes in lifestyle, and wanted a relaxed and open house that could flexibly respond to future expansion plans. Also, since he spends most of his day in the workshop, he wanted a way of living where he had a job as part of his life.

一對夫婦和三個孩子的房子和車間。 該地點位於沖繩本島南部南部的山丘上,俯瞰大海。 將來,房主計劃根據生活方式的變化擴大兒童房,商店,車庫等,並希望有一個輕鬆開放的房子,可以靈活地應對未來的擴張計劃。 另外,由於他大部分時間都在車間裡度過,所以他想要一種生活在工作中的生活方式。

The layout and function of the building will be planned based on the flow line and relationship with the volume to be expanded in the future, and the minimum necessary space such as around the water, the hall that is the core of life, and the workshop as a workplace will be created inside.

建築物的佈局和功能將根據出水管線及其與將來要擴展的體積的關係以及最小的必要空間(例如水周圍,生活核心的大廳和車間)進行規劃 因為將在內部創建工作場所。

A large terrace was set up to connect them. The roof that covers the house and workplace creates a deep shadow protected from the intense sunlight of Okinawa, and the movable fittings bring variability to the place of creation and living, increasing the freedom of living together with work and housing. The hall and the workshop are independent and continuous at the same time, and are used in various ways.

建立了一個大露台來連接它們。 覆蓋房屋和工作場所的屋頂形成了一個深色的陰影,免受沖繩強烈的陽光照射,可移動的配件為創作和生活場所帶來了變化,增加了與工作和房屋一起生活的自由度。 大廳和車間同時獨立且連續,並以各種方式使用。

It is also used as an extension of the workshop from the response of visitors, and it also becomes a playground for children, and the activities of living can be freely expanded and connected to the outdoors as it is. I am looking forward to seeing how this house will change the life of work and housing in relation to the various places that will be added in the future.

它也被用作參觀者的回應而擴展的工作室,它也成為兒童的遊樂場,生活活動可以自由擴展並直接連接到戶外。 我很期待看到這所房子將如何改變工作和住房的生活,以及將來將要增加的各個地方。


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