The Crystal skybridge, which connects four 250-metre-tall skyscrapers, has opened as the first stage of Safdie Architects Raffles City Chongqing complex in China.

The observatory that cantilevers out from one end is the first part of The Crystal to open to the public. A shopping centre opened in the complex in 2019, and Raffles City Chongqing is due to be finished, in full, by the end of the year.

水晶天橋連接了四個250米高的摩天大樓,是中國Safdie Architects萊佛士城重慶綜合大樓的第一階段。

從一端伸出來的天文台是《水晶》向公眾開放的第一部分。 該購物中心將於2019年開業,重慶萊佛士城將於今年年底全面竣工。

The Raffles City Chongqing sits at the meeting of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers in the city’s Yuzhong district.

In total the development consists of eight skyscrapers connected by a five-storey podium. On the south side are six 250-metre-high towers, with two taller 350-metre-high skyscrapers to the north completing the complex.

Sail-like screens curve out from the north side of all the skyscrapers, filtering daylight and giving the complex a uniform appearance.


整個開發項目包括由五層講台連接的八座摩天大樓。 南側是六座250米高的塔樓,北面有兩座350米高的高樓大廈。


Stretching 300 metres between four towers on the 22.7-acre development, The Crystal is described by Safdie Architects as a “horizontal skyscraper”.

Bridges link the horizontal structure to the two taller skyscrapers.

在22.7英畝的開發區中,四座塔樓之間延伸300米,The Crystal被Safdie Architects稱為“水平摩天大樓”。


Designed as a glass and steel tube, The Crystal has an elliptical cross-section. Its outer walls are given strength by a concertina structure, shaded from the afternoon sun on the west side by metal panels.

Seismic isolation bearings on the towers are designed to support The Crystal, as the area is in is an earthquake zone.

設計為玻璃和鋼管,The Crystal具有橢圓形的橫截面。 它的外牆採用六角形手風琴結構賦予力量,西側的午後陽光用金屬板遮蔽。

塔上的隔震軸承旨在支撐The Crystal,因為該區域位於地震帶中。

A glass-bottomed public viewing deck projects from one end, accessible through an open-air park. An infinity pool surrounded by trees touches one edge of the structure.

The rest of The Crystal contains gardens, bars, restaurants, a clubhouse for the residents and a lobby for the hotel, all located 250 metres in the air.

玻璃底的公共觀景台從一端伸出,可通過露天公園進入。 樹木環繞的無邊泳池觸及建築物的一側。

The Crystal的其餘部分包括花園,酒吧,餐廳,居民會所和酒店大堂,均位於空中250米處。

When complete the eight skyscrapers will contain a combination of offices, apartments, and hotel. The five-storey podium has a shopping centre along with a series of galleries, with entrances at multiple levels to account for the area’s hilly terrain.

On top of the shopping area is a rooftop park with large skylights to allow natural light to reaches down into the building below.

建成後,八個摩天大樓將包含辦公室,公寓和酒店的組合。 五層高的裙樓設有購物中心和一系列畫廊,入口在多個樓層上,以說明該地區的丘陵地帶。


“While centuries old, Chongqing is now experiencing rapid growth and regeneration that demands thoughtful solutions to increased density and mega-scale projects,” said practice founder Moshe Safdie.

“Guided by the sheer scale and complexity of the site, our design brings people in and through the site at different levels, whether by foot, car, train, or ferry, to reconnect the city to its most historic site — The Emperor’s Landing.”

“創辦人莫西·薩夫迪(Moshe Safdie)說:“重慶已有數百年曆史,現在正經歷著快速的增長和更新,需要周密的解決方案來解決日益增長的密度和大型項目。

“由於場地的規模和復雜性的指導,我們的設計通過步行,乘車,乘火車或乘渡輪將人們帶入和穿過場地的不同層次,以使城市與歷史最悠久的遺址-皇帝的著陸點重新連接。 ”

Raffles City Chongqing is the fourth development Safdie Architects has completed for the developer CapitaLand. Founded by Moshe Safdie in 1964, the practice has offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Israel and the USA.

Light and greenery are key features of Safdie Architects large-scale developments across Asia. Balconies cover the Sky Habitat towers built by the practice in Singapore, and trees fill the Jewel Changi Airport with its huge indoor waterfall cascading through the centre.

Photography courtesy of Safdie Architects and CapitaLand.

重慶來福士是Safdie Architects為開發商CapitaLand完成的第四項開發。 該公司由Moshe Safdie於1964年創立,在上海,新加坡,以色列和美國設有辦事處。

光線和綠化是Safdie Architects在亞洲進行的大規模開發的主要特徵。 陽台覆蓋了新加坡在實踐中建造的Sky Habitat塔,樹木環繞著珠寶樟宜機場,其巨大的室內瀑布從中心經過。

攝影由Safdie Architects和CapitaLand提供。



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