Architects: POLYGOON Architectuur
Area: 266 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Stijn Bollaert
Manufacturers: Cupa Pizarras, FSB, Nemetschek, Niko, Stiebel Eltron, URSA, Cupa Pizzaras, SPRANGERS, Ventiline
Lead Architects:Domien Boits
Engineering:Planet Engineering

建築師:POLYGOON Architectuur
攝影:Stijn Bollaert
製造商:皮帕拉斯(Pizzaras),外頻(FSB),尼美施泰克(Nemetschek),尼古(Niko),斯蒂貝爾·埃爾特隆(Stiebel Eltron),URSA,帕薩披斯(Cupa Pizzaras),SPRANGERS,Ventiline
首席建築師:Domien Boits

The house is located directly opposite the Horst Chapel in Schoten (B), on a site that once accommodated the 19th century rectory of the chapel. The property formed a part of the Vordenstein Castle domain and was one of the last remains of a place of pilgrimage originating in the 15th century. The Horst Chapel and the entire adjacent Vordenstein domain are of historical interest, both culturally and in terms of landscape.

該房屋位於Schoten(B)的霍斯特教堂正對面,曾經是該教堂19世紀教區的所在地。 該物業是沃登施泰因城堡(Vordenstein Castle)領土的一部分,並且是始建於15世紀的朝聖地的最後遺蹟之一。 無論是從文化角度還是從景觀角度而言,霍斯特教堂和整個毗鄰的沃登施泰因域都具有歷史意義。

The volume of the original rectory was used as the point of departure for this design. The width of the front facade, height of the eaves, and angle of the roof are the same. The basic form is folded open into a pentagonal floor plan with two right angles. The outer walls, with elongated frameless windows, are oriented toward anchor points in the historical surroundings.

原始直腸的體積用作該設計的出發點。 前立面的寬度,屋簷的高度和屋頂的角度都相同。 基本形式折疊成兩個直角的五邊形平面圖。 外牆帶有細長的無框窗戶,朝向歷史環境中的錨點。

A spiral staircase leads up from the entrance to the living spaces on the first floor. The rear facade is entirely cut away and opens out onto a large terrace. An other spiral staircase, in a tubular steel casing, connects the terrace with the garden.

螺旋樓梯從入口通往一樓的起居空間。 後立面被完全切掉,並通向一個大露台。 另一個螺旋形樓梯在管狀鋼製外殼中,將露台與花園相連。

The house was constructed close to the street, in parallel with the building line of the chapel. By way of this visual narrowing, the gateway effect of the former hamlet and place of pilgrimage ‘Den Horst’ is strengthened once more. The choice of materials refers back to the fundamental architecture typical in this region at the time – traditional materials such as red brick and natural slate, which are also to be found in the chapel.

這所房子的建造靠近街道,與教堂的建築平行。 通過這種視覺上的縮小,以前的小村莊和朝聖地“登霍斯特”的出入口效果再次得到增強。 材料的選擇回溯到當時該地區典型的基本建築-傳統材料,例如紅磚和天然石板,在教堂中也可以找到。

The layout, with the sleeping areas on the ground floor and the living space on the floor above, is atypical but has certain advantages. This way the bedrooms remain cool and everyone has direct access to the garden. On the upper floor, there is a lot of room under the pitched roof. A mezzanine was placed in the apex of the roof, with a more intimate sitting area underneath it. The partially covered terrace that is connected to the living space offers an expansive view of the nature reserve that lies behind the home.

這種佈局具有一樓的睡眠區和一樓的起居空間,雖然不典型,但具有一定的優勢。 這樣,臥室保持涼爽,每個人都可以直接進入花園。 在頂樓,斜屋頂下有很多房間。 閣樓被放置在屋頂的頂點,其下方有一個更加私密的起居區。 連接到生活空間的部分覆蓋的露台可讓您欣賞到房屋背後的自然保護區的廣闊視野。


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