Architects: ES Arquitetura
Area: 517 m²
Year: 2019
Lead Architects:Diego Justo do Espírito Santo
Project Team:Diego Justo do Espírito Santo, Valério Montes D’oca, Rodrigo Estrella, Maicon Fedrigo Padilha, Carolina Rodrigues Cataldo
Clients:Rodrigo Remor Olivo
Landscape:ES Arquitetura
Collaborator:Alberto Rafael Costa

建築師:ES Arquitetura
首席建築師:Diego Justo doEspíritoSanto
客戶:Rodrigo Remor Olivo
景觀:ES Arquitetura
合作者:阿爾貝托·拉斐爾·科斯塔(Alberto Rafael Costa)

With an “L” design and overlapping volumes, forming voids, and apparently loose from the floor, it brings lightness to the ensemble and visual integration between the intimate (upper floor) and social (ground floor) areas, the one facing the pool, which has covered free space. The contrast between corten steel and exposed concrete further highlights the volumes, while the large openings allow ample visualization of the surroundings, in addition to exploring natural lighting and ventilation.

採用“ L”形設計,重疊的空間,形成空隙,並明顯從地面鬆散,它為私密(上層)和社交(底層)區域(面向游泳池的區域)之間的整體和視覺融合帶來了明亮感, 覆蓋了可用空間。 耐候鋼和裸露的混凝土之間的對比進一步突出了體積,而大的開口除了可以探索自然採光和通風之外,還可以使周圍環境有足夠的可視化。

Clients were mainly looking for comfort inside the house and that there were visuals for the green area located at the back of the residence. With an “L” design and overlapping volumes, Casa Corten forms voids and apparently loose from the floor, bringing lightness to the ensemble and visual integration between the intimate (upper floor) and social (ground floor) areas, the one facing the pool, which has covered free space.

客戶主要是為了在房子內尋找舒適感,並且在住宅後部的綠色區域有視覺效果。 Casa“ Corten”採用“ L”型設計和重疊的空間,形成了空隙,並且顯然從地板上散落開來,使整體(上層)和社交(底層)區域(面向游泳池的區域)之間的整體和視覺融合更加輕盈, 覆蓋了可用空間。

In this house, functionality, thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort are important points to be discussed, as well as all the projects carried out by our office, as we always seek to apply such items, also aiming at sustainability. All environments have large openings that allow natural lighting and also visuals, where even in the service area of ​​the house there is an opening that gives visual to the green area ahead and also allowing good lighting, avoiding expenses with electricity and bringing savings for residents.

在這所房子裡,功能性,熱,聲學和視覺舒適性以及我們辦公室執行的所有項目都是要討論的重點,因為我們一直在尋求應用此類項目,同時也著眼於可持續性。 所有環境都具有允許自然採光和視覺效果的大開口,即使在房屋的服務區內,也有一個開口可以為前方的綠色區域提供視覺效果,並且還可以提供良好的照明,從而避免了用電費用並節省了開支 居民。

The garage roof has a green roof, which also brings better thermal conditions to the environment, in addition to allowing the roof to be habitable through a wooden deck path.


A great highlight of Casa Corten is given by its unique facade in its surroundings and also by the great integration of space that occurs between the patio and the interior of the house, because even so, we managed to bring privacy to the residents through the green wall and the landscaping. An interesting point to touch is also related to the main lighting made in the living/dining room and patio of the house, where we look for inspiration in the constellation of stars. The interesting effect occurs in the reflection of this lighting in the pool, bringing even more this feeling of the constellation.

Casa Corten的一大亮點在於其周圍獨特的立面以及露台與房屋內部之間空間的完美融合,因為即使如此,我們仍設法通過綠色為居民帶來了隱私 牆和美化環境。 有趣的觸摸點還與客廳/飯廳和房屋露台上的主要照明有關,我們在這裡尋找星星星座的靈感。 有趣的效果發生在游泳池中這種照明的反射上,甚至給星座帶來了更多這種感覺。


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