Architects: Denkkamer
Area: 1101 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rene de Wit
Manufacturers: GRAPHISOFT, Aluberg, Martin glass, Reynaers
Lead Architects:Dennis van de Rijdt, Peter Verschuren
Design Team:STRK interior, Nuenen
Clients:VDG, Gemert
Engineering:Bouw-adviesbureau Van der Zanden, Helmond (Structural engineer)
Contractor:VDG Unibouw bv, Gemert
Contractor Facade:Aluberg, Gemert / Compal, Emmen
Country:The Netherlands

攝影:Rene de Wit
首席建築師:Dennis van de Rijdt,Peter Verschuren
設計團隊:STRK Interior,Nuenen
工程:Helmond的Bou-adviesbureau Van der Zanden(結構工程師)
承包商:VDG Unibouw bv,Gemert
承包商門面:Aluberg,Gemert / Compal,Emmen

Located at a roundabout, near the village of Gemert, the Netherlands, the new VDG Headquarters building marks the gateway to the local business parks Wolfsveld and Smartpark.


VDG consists of multiple construction-related companies. The office building accommodates among others, VDG De La Roy, specialised in custom free form products out of insulation material, contractor VDG Unibouw, VDG Real estate and VDG Solar. In the design process the functional distribution is driven by specific requirements of the diverse companies. VDG De La Roy is located at the ground floor adjacent to the production facility in the hall. The first floor has been enlarged to give VDG Unibouw the desired extra space in order to be able to operate from one single floor. The second floor is the smallest of the three, which functions as a kind of penthouse for VDG Real estate, Solar and management.

VDG由多家建築相關公司組成。 辦公樓可容納VDG De La Roy,該公司專門生產由絕緣材料製成的自由定型產品,承包商VDG Unibouw,VDG Real Estate和VDG Solar。 在設計過程中,功能分配是由不同公司的特定要求驅動的。 VDG De Ro Roy位於大廳的生產設施附近的一樓。 一樓已經擴大,以便VDG Unibouw擁有所需的額外空間,以便能夠從一個單層進行操作。 二樓是三樓中最小的一樓,用作VDG房地產,太陽能和管理的頂層公寓。

The main entrance is located on the north side in the middle of the longitudinal façade. This with the aim of strengthening the collective feeling of VDG. Employees of the various companies, management, customers and guests are all entering through this entrance. The lobby and canteen behind it are designed to meet informally and share knowledge. A void has been made in the heart of the building, establishing relation between the entrance area and floors above. The supporting functions, such as kitchen, toilets and wardrobes, have been positioned against the hall with the stairs in front of it forming a central connecting axis. The work and meeting places have been pushed towards the glass facade, so that they take maximum advantage of the light and the view.

主入口位於縱向立面中間的北側。 目的是增強VDG的集體感覺。 各個公司的員工,管理層,客戶和來賓都通過這個入口進入。 大堂和其後的食堂旨在非正式地聚會和分享知識。 建築物的中心已形成一個空隙,在入口區域和上方的地板之間建立了聯繫。 諸如廚房,衛生間和衣櫃之類的輔助功能已經靠著大廳放置,前面的樓梯形成了一個中心連接軸。 工作和會議場所已被推向玻璃幕牆,以使它們充分利用光線和景觀。

The cantilevered canopies protect the full-glass facades from solar radiation with the aim of preventing excessive heating of the office spaces behind. At the same time, the awnings enhance the panoramic view from the office spaces over the provincial road and towards the forest area on the north side of the building. The top and bottom of the awnings are finished in artificial grass and thermal enhanced Ash wood to enhance the connection with the green context. The front of the awnings is provided with an anodized aluminium composite that continues in the façade of the hall. Pushed inward as a recessed line in the facade with exactly the same height as the awnings. As a result, the office and hall melt together and form a whole instead of being two separated buildings.

懸臂式簷篷可保護全玻璃幕牆免受太陽輻射,以防止後面的辦公空間過熱。 同時,遮陽篷還可以從省道上方的辦公空間以及建築物北側的森林地區欣賞到全景。 遮陽篷的頂部和底部採用人造草和耐熱增強的白蠟木精製而成,以增強與綠色環境的聯繫。 遮陽篷的前部設有陽極氧化鋁複合材料,該複合材料延續到大廳的正面。 向內推入,作為外牆中的凹線,高度與遮篷高度相同。 結果,辦公室和大廳融為一體,而不是由兩個分開的建築物組成。


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