The scenic hills of Italy’s Val Tidone are the setting for this modern larch-clad house, designed by Milanese architects Studio Koster.

Studio Koster founder Geert Koster
 designed the barn-inspired residence, named Country House, in the hills surrounding Piacenza.

It is a weekend getaway for a client based in Milan, who likes to spend her free time in the countryside with her partner and dogs.

由米蘭建築師Studio Koster設計的這座現代化的落葉松木房屋是意大利Val Tidone風景秀麗的山丘。

Studio Koster的創始人Geert Koster在皮亞琴察(Piacenza)周圍的山丘上設計了穀倉風格的住宅,名為Country House。


The building has a contemporary layout, with plenty of space for entertaining guests. Large living and dining spaces open up to the landscape, and there are four generous double bedrooms, all with their own en-suite bathrooms.

To achieve this without creating a building that looked out of place in the landscape, Koster based his design on the agricultural barns found in this region, rather than the traditional farmhouses.

該建築擁有現代佈局,並為娛樂客人提供了充足的空間。 寬敞的起居和用餐區可欣賞風景,並設有四間寬敞的雙人臥室,均設有獨立的浴室。


By reinterpreting the single-storey, gabled forms of these wooden structures, he was able to find a more minimal, modern aesthetic.

“The client didn’t want a traditional building,” Koster explained. “Country life yes, but not country style. No bricks, no exposed stone, and no terracotta floors or roof tiles.”


“客戶不想要傳統建築,” Koster解釋說。 “鄉村生活是,但不是鄉村風格。沒有磚塊,沒有裸露的石頭,沒有陶土地板或瓦。”

“The main concept for the house was to create a non-invasive architecture that integrates with the beauty of the flowing hills and its natural agricultural scenery, without the rustic feeling,” Koster told Dezeen.

The house features walls clad in larch, high ceilings and large barn-style doors. Patios are dotted around the exterior, as part of a wild and varied garden designed by landscape architect Antonio Perazzi.


房屋的牆壁為落葉松,高高的天花板和大穀倉風格的門。 庭院周圍點綴著庭院,這是風景園林設計師安東尼奧·佩拉齊(Antonio Perazzi)設計的野生多樣花園的一部分。

Inside, the house centres around the kitchen and dining room, which extends outdoors in the form of a raised terrace.

Bedroom suites are located at the western end of the building and all have their own access to the garden. The eastern end houses the entrance, the lounge and a staircase leading down to the wine cellar.


臥室套房位於大樓的西端,所有套房均可通向花園。 東端設有入口,休息室和通往酒窖的樓梯。

Country House in the Piacenza Hills was used by Italian furniture brand Flexform as a photoshoot location for its collection. These photos show the house temporarily furnished with Flexform products.

Each piece was selected to complement the house’s minimal interior finishes, which include concrete floors, lava stone tiles, white lime tempera paint and a reclaimed wood kitchen.

意大利家具品牌Flexform將位於皮亞琴察山(Piacenza Hills)的鄉間別墅用作其收藏地點。 這些照片顯示了臨時裝有Flexform產品的房屋。


Standout pieces include the Christophe Pillet-designed First Steps chairs, which complement the wood-panelled kitchen and large dining table, and the Antonio Citterio-designed Gatsby armchairs in the lounge areas.

The terrace is treated as an outdoor room, furnished with the wood-framed Ansel sofas and the overlapping Pico side tables.

傑出的作品包括由克里斯托弗·皮耶(Christophe Pillet)設計的“第一步”(First Steps)椅子,該椅子與鑲木廚房和大餐桌相得益彰,而在休息區則由安東尼奧·奇特里奧(Antonio Citterio)設計的蓋茨比扶手椅。


Sustainability was a key focus for the client, so the house is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Its orientation allows it to make optimum use of solar energy and radiant heat, and there is also a geothermal heating/cooling system in place. Meanwhile, the garden is designed to facilitate biodynamic farming.


它的方向使其可以最佳地利用太陽能和輻射熱,並且還有一個地熱加熱/冷卻系統。 同時,花園旨在促進生物動力農業。

Koster describes the experience of staying in the house as “relaxed, beautiful and a bit Zen”.

“You enjoy the changing scenery of nature and light at every moment of the day,” he said.

Photography is by Matteo Imbriani unless otherwise stated.



除非另有說明,否則攝影由Matteo Imbriani進行。



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