Architects: Woods Bagot
Area: 600000 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Chris Cooper
Manufacturers: Benjamin Moore, Blanco, Interface, Kohler, Stone Source, Tai Ping, Toto, Wolf Gordon, Archteype Frameless Glass, Elements of Architecture, Bosch, Bosch 800 Series, Collection: Fifth Avenue, Duravit, Elements of Architecture, Flying Pig Grooming, P&L Marble, Soundply, Tiles
Lead Architect:Gerald Gendreau
Interior Design:John Pampoukidis, Jessica Culver
Architect Of Record, 75 Park:Marchetto Higgins Stieve
Architect Of Record, 2 Shore:Poskanzer Skott Architects
Structural Engineer, 75 Park:O’Donnell & Naccarato
Structural Engineer, 2 Shore:Structure Studio
Mep Engineer, 75 Park:ICOR Associates
Mep Engineer, 2 Shore:Omdex Inc.
Civil Engineer, Both Buildings:Dresdner Robin
Environmental Engineer, Both Buildings:Langan Engineering & Environmental
Security/It/Av, Both Buildings:Shen Milsom & Willke LLC
Landscape Architect, Both Buildings:Semmens Associates
Envelope Consultant, Both Buildings:SGH
City:Jersey City
Country:United States

建築師:Woods Bagot
製造商:Benjamin Moore,Blanco,Interface,Kohler,Stone Source,Tai Ping,Toto,Wolf Gordon,Archtypepe無框玻璃,建築元素,Bosch,Bosch 800系列,集合:第五大道,Duravit,建築元素,飛豬修飾,損益大理石,無聲,瓷磚
首席建築師:Gerald Gendreau
室內設計:約翰·潘波基迪斯(Jessica Culver)
75公園記錄建築師:Marchetto Higgins Stieve
記錄建築師,2 Shore:Poskanzer Skott Architects
75 Park:O’Donnell&Naccarato的結構工程師
2 Shore:Structure Studio結構工程師
75 Park的Mep工程師:ICOR Associates
機械工程師,2 Shore:Omdex Inc.
兩棟建築的土木工程師:德雷德納·羅賓(Dresdner Robin)
兩棟大樓的安保/ It / Av:Shen Milsom&Willke LLC
兩棟建築的景觀設​​計師:Semmens Associates

Located along the Hudson River waterfront, Park + Shore is a reimagined iteration of the brick-clad rental apartment buildings that were characteristic of the original Newport Development’s Master Plan. The site is comprised of two distinct buildings—75 Park Lane and Shore House—which stand at 38 and six stories, respectively. The taller of the two, containing 358 residences, is articulated into three distinct stacked, horizontal zones with a podium that maintains the narrow pedestrian street frontages with a low- rise base that extends to the street.

位於哈德遜河濱水區的Park + Shore是對磚砌租賃公寓樓的重新構想,這是原始的紐波特發展總體規劃的特徵。 該站點由兩座不同的建築組成,分別是公園路75號和海岸大廈,分別位於38層和6層。 兩者中的較高者包含358個住所,被鉸接為三個不同的堆疊水平區域,帶有裙樓,裙樓保持狹窄的步行街臨街,低矮的基座延伸到街道。

The tower portion is set back to respect the surrounding residential scale. Its façade is made up of a series of interlocking two-story frames with floor- to- ceiling glass. The façade strategy for the shorter 71-unit Shore House is a horizontally staggered series of overlaid, single-height warm gray metal frames and recessed warm darker brick panels with floor to ceiling clear glass windows. The staggered frames animate and modulate the façade creating a domestic scale that is less expected.

塔架部分向後退,以尊重周圍的住宅規模。 它的外牆由一系列相互連接的兩層框架和落地玻璃組成。 較短的有71個單位的Shore House的立面策略是水平交錯排列的一系列重疊的,單高度的溫暖灰色金屬框架和凹入的溫暖深色磚牆,地板到天花板的透明玻璃窗。 交錯的框架為立面設置動畫並對其進行調製,從而創造出了意料之外的家用比例。

The two buildings are unified by common materials such as naturally colored metal and terracotta frames which connect them visually to the adjacent Newport Green Park and respects their context within traditional red masonry buildings. The result is a collection of hospitality experiences in a reimagined historical context with the interiors of 75 Park evoking the sophisticated legacy of American modernism, while Shore House is a grittier, boutique building recalling the industrial brick past of this neighborhood.

這兩座建築採用自然色彩的金屬和兵馬俑框架等通用材料統一,將它們視覺上連接到相鄰的紐波特綠色公園,並尊重傳統紅色磚石建築內的環境。 其結果是,在重新想像的歷史背景下收集了一系列的待客之道,其中75號公園的內部喚起了美國現代主義的悠久傳統,而Shore House是一幢堅固的精品建築,讓人聯想起這個街區過去的工業磚塊。


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