Architects: FGMF Arquitetos
Area: 400 m²
Year: 2017
Manufacturers: Cor Pedras, Inovar, Lounge Multimídia, Palimanan
Lead Architects:Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
Project Team:Gabriel Mota, Sonia Gouveia, Ana Paula Barbosa
Collaborators:Adriano Soares, Fernanda Veríssimo, Juliana Cadó, Mariana Leme, Wanessa Simoe, Carla Facchini, James Smaul, Rodrigo de Moura, Guilherme Prado
Interns:Alessandra Musto, Flávia Theodorovitz, Wendel de Deus, Mariana Schmidt, Mirella Fochi, Pedro Lira, Yara Bello
Engineering:Empresarial Paulista
Landscape:Rodrigo Oliveira

建築師:FGMF Arquitetos
製造商:Cor Pedras,Inovar,Multimídia休息室,Palimanan
首席建築師:Fernando Forte,LourençoGimenes,Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
項目團隊:Gabriel Mota,Sonia Gouveia,Ana Paula Barbosa
合作者:阿德里亞諾·蘇亞雷斯(Adriano Soares),費爾南達·韋里西莫(FernandaVeríssimo),朱莉安娜·卡多(JulianaCadó),馬里亞納·萊姆(Mariana Leme),瓦妮莎·西莫(Wanessa Simoe),卡拉·法基尼(Carla Facchini),詹姆斯·斯莫爾(James Smaul),羅德里戈·德·莫拉(Rodrigo de Moura),吉爾赫姆·普拉多
實習生:亞歷山德拉·穆斯托(Alessandra Musto),弗拉維亞·西奧多羅維茲(FláviaTheodorovitz),溫德爾·德烏斯(Wendel de Deus),瑪麗安娜·施密特(Mariana Schmidt),米拉(Mirella Fochi),佩德羅·里拉(Pedro Lira),亞拉·貝洛(Yara Bello)
工程:Empresarial Paulista
景觀:羅德里戈·奧利維拉(Rodrigo Oliveira)

The awarded architecture firm FGMF Architects, based in São Paulo, signs the design of the Neblina House. This house consists in a composition of volumes that was projected with the sun orientation and also with the gorgeous view of Itatiba’s Valley, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. The amazing views, the necessity of privacy was considered the distance from the street and the desire to integrate the house with gardens were the mainly elements of the volumes conception.

位於聖保羅的獲獎建築公司FGMF Architects簽署了Neblina House的設計。 這棟房子的構成包括沿太陽方向投射的體積以及巴西聖保羅鄉村的Itatiba山谷的壯麗景色。 令人驚嘆的景色,隱私的必要性被認為與街道之間的距離以及將房屋與花園融合在一起的願望是體量概念的主要內容。

The conception of volumes with different dimensions and heights for the rooms, bathrooms, office, garage and stairs is a formal approach, however the construction shows the programmatic sectorization. These volumes arise sometimes set on the ground, sometimes floating above a large front garden, hiding the social area of the house. A thin concrete structure with cantilever strengthens the program visual approach. The resulting glass living room is visually integrated to a large swimming pool, but far enough to permit insolation along the year.

用於房間,浴室,辦公室,車庫和樓梯的具有不同尺寸和高度的體積的概念是一種正式的方法,但是結構顯示了程序化的分區。 這些體積有時會出現在地面上,有時會漂浮在大型前花園上方,掩蓋了房屋的社交區域。 帶有懸臂的薄混凝土結構加強了程序可視化方法。 最終的玻璃起居室在視覺上與大型游泳池融為一體,但足夠使之全年照曬。

The service areas were partially hidden in a certain quota with a green roof, being disguised in the landscape and working as a kind of retaining wall. This containment created a plateau hidden from the public view. In this place, a living room was projected as a glass resulting from the upper volumes.

服務區域被部分隱藏在一定數量的綠色屋頂中,被偽裝在景觀中並用作擋土牆。 這種圍堵造成了一個在公眾視野中看不見的高原。 在這個地方,起居室被投影為玻璃,是由高處所產生的。

A covered and closed space for leisure, the remaining plastic design, hovering the water mirror and towards this awesome view.



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