Architects: Wildurban Architects
Area: 353 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Anson
Design Team:Jacky Chan, Wangming Lin, Amy Shen, Yanhua Weng, Evan Wong, Aiden Chan
Owner:Huizhou Itree Cultural Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Lighting Design:Guangzhou Hengguang Design Co., Ltd.
Construction:Guangdong Dexin Zhongcheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Starting from the site and tradition, a new picture is established, which contains memory and points to future imagination. The project is located in a valley 800 meters above sea level in Nankun Mountain National Forest Park. There are 5 original brick-wood structure holiday villas built in the 90s in the place, with a very low-density layout to balance the relationship between architecture and nature. As a public space, the new building needs to carry activities such as art exhibition, brand launch, catering, and gathering, as a generator of multiple functions.

從地點和傳統開始,將建立一張新圖片,其中包含記憶並指向未來的想像力。 該項目位於南崑山國家森林公園海拔800米的山谷中。 在90年代,這裡有5座原始的磚木結構度假別墅,其佈局非常低密度以平衡建築與自然之間的關係。 作為公共空間,新建築需要進行多種活動,例如藝術展覽,品牌發布,餐飲和聚會等。

We use the gable roof as the prototype to trace the original spatial form of the cave and try to create a space that contains memory and faces the future. The roof evolved from the gabled roof, enveloping the flowing space like a cave, carries the infinite imagination of the future.

我們使用山形屋頂作為原型,以追踪洞穴的原始空間形態,並嘗試創建一個包含記憶並面向未來的空間。 屋頂是從山形屋頂演變而來,將流動的空間像洞穴一樣籠罩著,蘊含著對未來的無限想像。

We use the gabled roof of the original building as a topological prototype to respond to the memory of the place. We set up gabled roofs in the three directions of the building facing the lake, forest and road, allowing nature to be introduced into the internal space, connecting them separately to form a continuous roof ,floats above the forest and lake. The continuous roof also naturally forms the internal cavity space. Natural views, lake and light ripples, and people’s activities all occur and show in the flowing space.

我們將原始建築物的山牆屋頂用作拓撲原型,以回應該地點的記憶。 我們在面向湖泊,森林和道路的建築物的三個方向上建立了山形屋頂,允許將自然引入內部空間,將它們分開連接以形成連續的屋頂,漂浮在森林和湖泊上方。 連續的屋頂也自然形成了內部空腔空間。 自然景觀,湖泊和燈光的漣漪以及人們的活動都在流動的空間中發生並展現出來。

The new roof form evolved from the gabled roof is familiar and unfamiliar in our memory because it creates a new spatial experience.


The internal space and external shape of the building are completed simultaneously, and the multi-directional variety roof forms a continuous and changing space inside. The spiral staircase connects the upper and lower levels of space in the center of the entire space and becomes the manifestation of behavior activities in the space. The undulating ceiling space, with artistic texture, creates a natural cave-like space atmosphere.

建築物的內部空間和外部形狀同時完成,而多向變化的屋頂則在內部形成了連續變化的空間。 螺旋形樓梯連接整個空間中心的上下空間,並成為空間中行為活動的體現。 起伏的天花板空間具有藝術感,營造出自然的洞穴般的空間氛圍。

Material. The use of titanium-zinc tile is not only a response to tradition but also a manifestation of the present. The dark gray roof makes the building volume more stable and restrained in the environment. Grey’s artistic texture paint creates a cave-like atmosphere. Light, water ripples, and forest landscape all interweave and present in the space.

材料。 鈦鋅磚的使用不僅是對傳統的回應,而且是當下的體現。 深灰色的屋頂使建築物的體積在環境中更加穩定和受到約束。 灰色的藝術質感塗料營造出類似洞穴的氛圍。 光,水波紋和森林景觀都交織在一起並存在於空間中。

After the completion of the Nankin Secret Art Restaurant, a number of events have been held, and visitors and various township and village departments have been in an endless stream. From the enthusiastic response after its completion, it can be seen that Nankun Secret Art Restaurant is no longer a simple restaurant space, but diverse exhibitions, performances, dining, and leisure, and a platform for local residents and urban crowds to share and communicate.

Nankin Secret Art Restaurant建成後,舉辦了許多活動,遊客,鄉鎮各部門也絡繹不絕。 從竣工後的熱烈反應可以看出,南坤秘密藝術館已不再是一個簡單的餐廳空間,而是多樣化的展覽,表演,餐飲和休閒活動,是當地居民與城市人群共享和交流的平台。


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