Architects: Hous3
Area: 286 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ivo Tavares Studio

照片:Ivo Tavares Studio

From the road you can see the house, on a small hill, with a dark silhouette in sharp contrast to its natural environment, offering a wide view over Santo Tirso. Its simple lines are the reinterpretation of the stereotype of the traditional Portuguese house, gable roof. We started by defning a northeast-southeast axis in the longitudinal direction of the land and oriented in the best view of the place.

在路上,您可以看到房子在一個小山丘上,與自然環境形成鮮明對比的深色輪廓使您可以欣賞到聖托爾索全景。 它簡單的線條是對傳統葡萄牙房屋山牆屋頂的刻板印象的重新詮釋。 我們首先在土地的縱向上定義東北-東南軸,並以該地點的最佳視野為方向。

And in this linear orientation, the main volume is arranged, in a playful reconfguration of the traditional house, it becomes remarkable in the landscape. A smaller, fat volume is attached to this one, which in addition to completing the programmatic requirements of housing is also an allusion to the annexes that traditionally are constant additions to the main house.

並以這種線性方向佈置了主體空間,對傳統房屋進行了有趣的重新配置,使其在景觀中變得引人注目。 較小的脂肪量附著在該容器上,這除了滿足住房的計劃要求外,還暗含了對附件的暗示,這些附件通常是對主體房屋的不斷補充。

This volume departs from the entrance of the lot to create a kind of external decompression atrium. And in the simplicity of the composition of these two volumes, an intuitive understanding of spaces is promoted, inviting us to enter. In terms of the program’s distribution, the reception lobby is the frst point of contact with the house, leading us to the central and common areas of the house: dining room, living room and kitchen, spacious and generous with lots of natural light promoted by negative space, which is used as the extension of the indoor room to the outside, to the pool and outdoor dining room, taking advantage of the rhythmic play of light in the afternoon.

該容積與批次入口分開,以創建一種外部減壓心房。 在簡化這兩個體積的構成時,促進了對空間的直觀理解,並邀請我們進入。 就計劃的分配而言,接待大廳是與房屋接觸的第一點,將我們引向房屋的中央和公共區域:餐廳,客廳和廚房,寬敞而寬敞的自然採光。 負空間,用於將室內空間擴展到室外,延伸到游泳池和室外飯廳,並利用下午有節奏的燈光。

This central block also allows us to separate two spaces that were to be independent: For the south-east, the private area, a corridor distributes the rooms and a small ofce, all of them with exterior spaces accessible through glass doors that balance the visual and physical connections to the landscape of each room; To the northeast, the technical areas of housing and work, with double height; Over these two areas, the traditional shape of the gable roof allowed the interior spaces to be modeled to complement the nature of the programs, creating a place for reading and studying.

這個中央街區還使我們能夠分隔兩個獨立的空間:對於東南部的私人區域,走廊分佈著房間和一小部分辦公室,所有這些房間都可通過玻璃門訪問外部空間,以平衡視覺效果 與每個房間景觀的物理聯繫; 東北,房屋和工作的技術區域,高度加倍; 在這兩個區域上,山牆屋頂的傳統形狀允許對內部空間進行建模以補充程序的性質,從而為閱讀和學習提供了一個場所。

Due to the simplicity and relevance of its interior design, with light, minimalist and smooth walls, it offers a peaceful living space. In contrast to the dark exterior, where the black plant tile and the pine together with the simple shape of the building create a striking graphic silhouette against the landscape. On the whole, through the juxtaposition of its facade materials, we get closer to the natural, the beautiful, where we hope that its inhabitants are happy.

由於其室內設計的簡潔性和實用性,加上輕巧,簡約和光滑的牆壁,它提供了一個寧靜的生活空間。 與黑暗的外觀形成鮮明對比的是,黑色的植物瓷磚和松木以及建築物的簡單形狀在景觀上形成了醒目的圖形輪廓。 總體而言,通過將其外牆材料並置,我們可以接近自然,美麗的地方,希望在那里居民感到快樂。


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