Italian architect Franco Stella has completed his reconstruction of the baroque Berlin Palace, which was formerly home to Prussian kings and German emperors and will now house the Humboldt Forum museum.

Described as “the largest cultural development in Europe”, the 40,000-square-metre museum stands on the site of the demolished East German parliament building alongside Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island.

意大利建築師佛朗哥·斯特拉(Franco Stella)已完成對巴洛克式的柏林宮的重建,該宮以前是普魯士國王和德國皇帝的住所,現在將安置洪堡論壇博物館。


Humboldt Forum occupies a reconstruction of Berlin Palace, a largely 18th-century palace designed by Andreas Schlüter that was the main residence of the Prussian and later the German monarchs.

Damaged during world war two, the palace was demolished and replaced by the Palace of the Republic, which housed the parliament of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), also known as East Germany. Following unification in 1990, the parliament building was closed and then demolished to make way for the museum.

洪堡論壇(Humboldt Forum)對柏林宮進行了重建,柏林宮是安德烈亞斯·施呂特(AndreasSchlüter)設計的18世紀宮殿,曾是普魯士人和後來的德國君主的主要住所。

這座宮殿在第二次世界大戰期間遭到破壞,被拆毀並由共和國宮取代,該宮是德意志民主共和國(GDR)議會的所在地,也被稱為東德。 在1990年統一之後,國會大廈被關閉,然後被拆除以為博物館騰出空間。

Built around a steel frame with concrete cores, three of the museum’s facades are replicas of the original palace, while the fourth is a modern stone facade designed by Stella.

To reconstruct the quince-coloured facades, sculptors and plaster moulders recreated 2,800 figures and approximately 22,000 different sandstone elements including windows, cornices and columns.



According to Stella, the museum was conceived as a city with six entrances acting as city gates and three courtyards as squares.

“I conceived the Humboldt Forum as a palace, with its six portals representing city gates, and its three inner courtyards servicing as city squares,” said Stella.



“In other words, I envisioned it as a city in the form of a palace,” he continued.

“In architectural terms, the concepts of palace and piazza allow for a well-balanced combination of the old and the new – each with its own, unique vocabulary of forms and shapes.”



The museum is arranged around three courtyard spaces. The main entrance, under the reconstructed dome, leads to a modern 35-metre-high, glass-covered entrance foyer.

At the other end of the building, the open-air Schlüterhof courtyard has three facades reconstructed to Schlüter’s original baroque designs.

Between these two large spaces, a third smaller courtyard that is lined with bookshops and cafes runs through the building and will be open 24 hours a day.

博物館圍繞三個庭院空間佈置。 主入口在重建的穹頂下方,通向一個高35米,玻璃覆蓋的現代入口門廳。



Wrapped around these courtyard spaces the building will contain four floors of exhibition, performance, and event spaces.

It will also contain shops, restaurants and office space and be topped by a roof terrace and restaurant, which will open in 2021.



The Humboldt Forum opened digitally this week as its official physical opening was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The museum is expected to open to the public in early 2021.

Nearby the Humboldt Forum David Chipperfield recently completed the James Simon Galerie on Museum Island, which is fronted with a stone facade with slim columns.

The British architect also refurbished the Neues Museum, which was originally also designed by Schlüter.

Photography is by Christoph Musiol, unless stated.

洪堡論壇本週以數字方式開放,原因是冠狀病毒大流行推遲了其正式對外開放。 該博物館預計於2021年初對公眾開放。

洪堡論壇(Humboldt Forum)附近的大衛·奇珀菲爾德(David Chipperfield)最近在博物館島(Museum Island)上完成了詹姆斯·西蒙(James Simon)畫廊,該博物館的前面是石製立面,上面有細長的圓柱。


除非另有說明,否則攝影由Christoph Musiol攝。



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