Architects: Dieguez Fridman Arquitectos
Area: 650 m²
Year: 2014
Photographs: Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma
Lead Architects:Tristán Diéguez, Axel Fridman, Pablo Roveran, Belén Gándara
Structural Design:AHFSA / Alberto and Carolina Fainstein

建築師:Dieguez Fridman Arquitectos
攝影:克里斯托瓦爾·帕爾瑪(Cristobal Palma)/ Estudio Palma
首席建築師:TristánDiéguez,Axel Fridman,Pablo Roveran,BelénGándara
結構設計:AHFSA / Alberto和Carolina Fainstein

The project of this house in Tigre, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, re-examines some of the traditional assumptions of suburban house projects, such as closed spaces and functions clearly separated in different levels.


The design proposes a continuous sequence of spaces of different heights that lead from the more public areas of the house towards the bedrooms. In this sequence, a living area raised 1,4 meters over the ground level offers uninterrupted views of the lake next to the site. The library and working area is open to the living room and dining rooms below. The large veranda overlooking the lake is designed as a continuation of the multi-level interior.

該設計提出了一系列不同高度的連續空間,這些空間從房屋的更多公共區域引向臥室。 按照這個順序,一個高出地面1.4米的起居區就可以欣賞到該地點旁邊湖泊的不間斷景觀。 圖書館和工作區通向下面的客廳和飯廳。 俯瞰湖泊的大陽台是多層室內設計的延續。

It provides spaces to relax outdoor and to cook and share traditional asados (barbecues) with friends. The resulting feelings of spaciousness and luminosity bring together different functions of the house, as well as the views to the garden and the lake.

它提供了戶外休閒場所,可以做飯並與朋友分享傳統的asados(燒烤)。 由此產生的寬敞感和光度感將房子的不同功能融合在一起,並享有花園和湖泊的美景。


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