Architecture firms Nordic Office of Architecture, Grimshaw, Haptic and consultants STUP have won the competition to design a carbon-neutral terminal for Delhi Noida International Airport in India.

Delhi Noida International Airport will be built in Jewar, 25 miles south of Delhi, by developer Zurich Airport International.

The winners, who promised to design “India’s greenest airport”, saw off competition from rival teams Gensler and Arup, and SOM and Mott McDonalds.



承諾設計“印度最綠色的機場”的獲勝者,擊敗了競爭對手Gensler和Arup以及SOM和Mott McDonalds的比賽。

A goal of carbon net-zero and a LEED Gold standard certification has been set for the airport terminal, which will have the capacity to serve 30 million passengers per year.

Carbon net-zero, also known as carbon-neutral design, is a term for buildings that seek to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they put in.

The winning design for the terminal building features indoor trees and a landscaped courtyard within the building, to bring in the light and to ventilate the space. Green spaces are also planned for the airport forecourt.

“Delhi Noida International Airport will become a unique new gateway to the world city of Delhi and to the state of Uttar Pradesh,” said Nordic founding partner Gudmund Stokke.

“Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic and STUP will combine the collective experience and knowledge from the airports in Hyderabad, Oslo, Istanbul and Zurich to create a truly modern, innovative and green airport, based in a region of strong historic and cultural tradition.”



航站樓的獲獎設計包括室內樹木和建築物內的園景庭院,以引入光線並為空間通風。 機場前院還計劃有綠地。



The team has previously collaborated on Istanbul New Airport Terminal One in Turkey. Nordic designed the Oslo Airport and extended it in 2017 and, along with Haptic, has master-planned a “sustainable city of the future” to be built next door to the terminal.

Grimshaw’s plans to expand London’s Heathrow airport have been given the go-ahead once more, after climate change activists’ argument that the expansion would contravene the UK’s commitment to the Paris Agreement was overturned in the country’s top court.

Foster + Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects, two top British practices, opted out from climate change network Architects Declare over their decision to continue designing airports for clients.

Images courtesy of Grimshaw.

該團隊此前曾在土耳其的伊斯坦布爾新機場一號航站樓進行過合作。 北歐人設計了奧斯陸機場,並於2017年對其進行了擴展,並與Haptic一起總體規劃了將在航站樓隔壁建造的“未來可持續城市”。


英國的兩個頂級實踐機構Foster + Partners和Zaha Hadid Architects退出了氣候變化網絡Architects宣布他們繼續為客戶設計機場的決定。




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