Architects: NAC Architecture
Area: 135000 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Lara Swimmer
Manufacturers: AEP Span, FunderMax, Milliken, Mohawk Group
Lead Architect:Dana Harbaugh
Project Manager:Tom Golden
Design Principal:Ron van der Veen
Project/Job Captain :Jeff Hyslop
Senior Project Manager :Mark Gifford
Project Architect:Rob Kuffel
Project Designer :Saif Vagh
Interior Designer :Sarah Finis
Civil:Coughlin Porter Lundeen
Mechanical:Hargis Engineers Inc.
Structural:DCI Engineers
General Contractor:Walsh Construction Company
Landscape Architect:Communita Atelier
Country:United States

製造商:AEP Span,FunderMax,Milliken,Mohawk Group
首席建築師:Dana Harbaugh
設計負責人:Ron van der Veen
項目建築師:Rob Kuffel
項目設計師:Saif Vagh
室內設計師:薩拉·菲尼斯(Sarah Finis)
民用:Coughlin Porter Lundeen
機械:Hargis Engineers Inc.
景觀設計師:Communita Atelier

Formerly the largest community college in Washington State, Bellevue College has recently made the dramatic evolution from com¬muter-college to a 24/7, live/learn four-year institution. The newly constructed Bellevue College Residence Hall is part of the transition plan and marks the beginning of their transition from a commuter campus to a flourishing, multicultural, residential college.

貝爾維尤學院曾經是華盛頓州最大的社區學院,最近已經從通勤學院發展為24/7,實時學習的四年制學院,經歷了戲劇性的演變。 新建的貝爾維尤學院宿舍樓是過渡計劃的一部分,標誌著他們從通勤校園過渡到繁榮的多元文化住宅學院的開始。

This 370-bed project is conceived in three distinct parts: the west residential wing, the east residential wing, and a common area referred to as “the hub.” The wings break down into nine “neighborhoods” each house approximately 40 students. Within each building wing, centrally located floor lounges invite views and gathering.

這個擁有370個床位的項目分為三個不同的部分:西住宅區,東住宅區以及一個稱為“樞紐”的公共區域。 機翼分為9個“社區”,每個社區約有40名學生。 在每個建築的機翼內,位於中心的樓層休息室邀請人們欣賞和聚會。

Glass bridges connect the east and west wings on each floor and also provide quiet space for study and reflection. The community-oriented ground floor spaces are distributed throughout the site to give students from a wide variety of backgrounds places to connect, unwind, and grow. The ground floor spaces also connect to a central community area that has become a satellite to the campus student union.

玻璃橋連接每層樓的東翼和西翼,也為學習和思考提供了安靜的空間。 以社區為導向的底層空間分佈在整個站點中,以使來自各種背景的學生可以連接,放鬆和成長。 底層空間還連接到中央社區區域,該區域已成為校園學生會的衛星。

Public roof decks and a terraced courtyard amphitheater boast some of the best Pacific Northwest views in the area. A gourmet café is also included and offers both residents and commuting students a vibrant place to gather and dine. The restaurant’s orientation allows students to watch campus baseball games in the spring and summer months. Like the café, the Hall itself has emerged as a lively, sustainable “community of scholars,” and the vibrant foundation for the new campus culture.

公共屋頂平台和露台露天劇場擁有該地區太平洋西北最佳景觀。 美食咖啡館也包括在內,為居民和通勤學生提供一個充滿活力的聚會和用餐場所。 餐廳的定位使學生可以在春季和夏季的幾個月裡觀看校園棒球比賽。 像咖啡館一樣,禮堂本身已成為一個活躍,可持續的“學者社區”,並為新的校園文化奠定了堅實的基礎。

A central courtyard extends off of the hub, acting not only as an outdoor gathering space but as a way to celebrate sustainability. The new residence hall achieved a LEED Platinum certification, and this courtyard intentionally puts eco-friendly strategies on display. The terraced landscape design includes cascading rain gardens that engage observers while educating them about how natural, low-im¬pact systems filter and clean stormwater.

中心庭院從中心延伸出來,不僅充當戶外聚會空間,而且是慶祝可持續發展的一種方式。 新的宿舍樓獲得了LEED白金認證,該庭院有意展示了環保策略。 梯田景觀設計包括層疊的雨水花園,這些雨水花園吸引了觀察者,同時向他們介紹了自然,低影響的系統如何過濾和清潔雨水。

A series of waterfalls carries rainwater along an outdoor amphitheater, which features lines from a Langston Hughes poem about rain etched into the seat walls. Bellevue College’s student government embraced this highly-vis¬ible sustainability initiative and helped bring it to life by investing their own student funds into these sustainable landscape improve¬ments.

一系列瀑布沿著室外露天劇場運送雨水,露天劇場上有蘭斯頓·休斯(Langston Hughes)的詩作,內容是雨水刻蝕到了座位壁上。 貝爾維尤學院(Bellevue College)的學生政府擁護這項高度可見的可持續性倡議,並通過將自己的學生資金投入到這些可持續性景觀改善中來使其得以實現。


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