Hñähñu Multimedia Center by Aldana Sanchez Architects is a house in Mexico’s Mezquital Valley that has a top-floor community internet cafe.

The home and community centre is located in the Ex Hacienda Ocotzá neighbourhood of a settlement called Julian Villagran. The nearest city, Ixmiquilpan, is 11 miles away.

Aldana Sanchez Architects設計的Hñähñu多媒體中心位於墨西哥的梅斯基塔爾山谷(Mezquital Valley),有一個頂層的社區網吧。

家庭和社區中心位於一個叫朱利安·維拉格蘭(Julian Villagran)的住區的Ex HaciendaOcotzá附近。 最近的城市伊克西米爾潘(Ixmiquilpan)在11英里外。

Catalonian-style brick arches with glazed ends create a lofty, light-filled space for villagers to gather and drink coffee while using the internet on the computers, access phone services and play games of table football.

Downstairs is a residential apartment with separate access. A bedroom and bathroom for the house occupy part of the first floor, walled off from the community space.


樓下的住宅公寓可單獨使用。 房屋的臥室和浴室位於一樓的一部分,與社區空間隔離。

The village only has a population of around 1,000 people, many of whom are Hñähñu – indigenous people of Mexico’s central region.

Many residents have relatives who have immigrated to the United States, so accessing the internet and phone is an important way to keep in touch with loved ones.



Aldana Sanchez Architects screened the house with a lattice of bricks held together by nodes of concrete in a triangular pattern to provide shade and privacy from the comings-and-goings of the public cafe.

The building is raised on a plinth of cinder bricks, arranged in a contrasting herringbone pattern.

Aldana Sanchez建築師用磚砌的格子對房子進行了篩選,磚的格子由三角形的混凝土結點粘合在一起,以提供遮蔭和私密性,避免公共咖啡館的來來往往。


Concrete steps lead up the side of the house to the top floor internet cafe, which is topped by three brickwork barrel vaults.

Aldana Sanchez Architects took inspiration from colonial-era Catalan-style vaults for this element. Overhanging bricks create an interesting scalloped edge to the half-dome ends.


Aldana Sanchez建築師從殖民時期加泰羅尼亞風格的穹頂中汲取了靈感。 懸挑的磚塊在半圓頂末端形成了有趣的扇形邊緣。

Inside the black steel beams of the building’s structure are exposed, with stone tiled floors and walls that are a mixture of herringbone red brick and timber planks.

The railing of the outdoor terrace is a continuation of the latticed brick screen from the house below.



Aldana Sanchez Architects is a Mexican firm with offices in the US, founded by Mike Aldana and Tisha Sanchez.

Terracotta domes also feature in an apartment complex in Guadalajara designed by Mexican architect Delfino Lozano, while Escobedo Soliz used bricks for a house in Mexico City.

Photography is by Marcos Betanzos.

Aldana Sanchez Architects是一家墨西哥公司,在美國設有辦事處,由Mike Aldana和Tisha Sanchez共同創立。

墨西哥建築師德爾菲諾·洛薩諾(Delfino Lozano)在瓜達拉哈拉(Guadalajara)設計的公寓大樓中還設有兵馬俑圓頂,而埃斯科貝多·索里茲(Escobedo Soliz)在墨西哥城用磚砌房屋。

攝影是Marcos Betanzos拍攝的。



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