Architects: Rijnboutt
Area: 43500 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Kees Hummel
Manufacturers: Octatube, AKOR Bouw, AM B.V., Boersma Installatie Advies B.V., Bouwmanagement Plus, Callison RTKL-UK Ltd., FiMek Estate, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, LBP Sight, MVRO, Top Vastgoed Planontwikkeling, a.s.r. real estate
Design Team:Ana Aguiar, André Meulenbelt, David Philipsen, Herdem Aytaç, Joost Verheus, Jordy van der Veen, Klaudia Lachcik, Lara Tjepkema, Margret van den Broek, Mateusz Rejniak, Max Both, Michael James Lucas, Niek Koning, Pieter Kramer, Raïsa de Haas, Raul Cioaba, Timo Gras, Winfried Verheul
Country:The Netherlands

攝影:Kees Hummel
製造商:Octatube,AKOR Bouw,AM B.V.,Boersma Installatie Advies B.V.,Bouwmanagement Plus,Callison RTKL-UK Ltd.,FiMek Estate,IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs,LBP Sight,MVRO,Top Vastgoed Planontwikkeling,a.s.r。 房地產
設計團隊:安娜·阿吉亞爾(Ana Aguiar),安德烈·梅倫貝爾特(AndréMeulenbelt),大衛·菲利普森(David Philipsen),赫德姆·阿塔斯(Jode Verheus),喬迪·范德文,克勞迪亞·拉奇奇克(Lost Tjepkema),瑪格麗特·範·德布羅克(Mateusz Rejniak),麥克斯·詹姆斯·盧卡斯(Max Both),邁克爾·詹姆斯·盧卡斯(Michael Both),邁克爾·詹姆斯·盧卡斯(Niek Koning),彼得·克萊默 Raïsade Haas,Raul Cioaba,Timo Gras,Winfried Verheul

Multifunctional complex as mountain village Buitenplein department store & Up Mountain residential building Amstelveen The Up Mountain residential building, which rises upwards in a stepped form, is reminiscent of ice floes stacked on top of each other, or a mountain village built against a slope. Up Mountain is an appropriate name for this eye-catching structure that’s invigorating the city centre of Amstelveen.

多功能建築群,如山村Buitenplein百貨商店和Up Mountain住宅樓Amstelveen Up Mountain住宅樓,呈階梯狀上升,讓人想起浮冰彼此疊放,或者讓人聯想到在斜坡上建的山村。 這座醒目的建築物激發了阿姆斯特爾芬(Amstelveen)市中心的活力,它是一個合適的名字。

The apartment building, which has an exceptionally light and flexible structure and large, retreating terraces, is the culmination of a new-build/transformation project carried out in three parts. The former department store on Buitenplein was already renovated in 2016, retaining the structure of the retail building and stripping the façades. In 2018, the adjoining car park was demolished and replaced by a new one with higher ceilings. The construction of the residential building on the car park signalled the completion of the transformation of this place in the city.

該公寓樓具有異常輕巧的結構和寬敞的後排露台,是一個由三個部分進行的新建/改造項目的高潮。 位於Buitenplein的前百貨商店已經在2016年進行了翻新,保留了零售大樓的結構並去除了立面。 在2018年,毗鄰的停車場被拆除,並被更高的天花板所取代。 停車場上居民住宅的建設標誌著該城市改造的完成。

Lightweight building Client AM started developing and designing the residential building in 2017 when the renovated department store was almost operational and the new car park under construction. But the original plan of 5,000 m² didn’t turn out to be economically viable. It required more surface area, which would increase the volume of the building. However, the car park below the building wasn’t designed to cope with this extra weight, based on a traditional building method. Together with the client, Rijnboutt looked for ways of extending the car park within the possibilities. With structural engineers IMd a ‘lightweight’ building was designed in a way that is exceptional in contemporary housing construction.

輕型建築客戶AM從2017年開始開發和設計住宅建築,當時經過翻新的百貨商店幾乎已投入運營,新停車場正在建設中。 但是原來的5,000平方米的計劃在經濟上並不可行。 它需要更多的表面積,這將增加建築物的體積。 但是,根據傳統的建築方法,建築物下方的停車場並不是為了應對這種額外的重量而設計的。 Rijnboutt與客戶一起尋找在可能範圍內擴展停車場的方法。 與結構工程師IMd一起設計的“輕型”建築在當代房屋建築中是非同尋常的。

As a central part of the design of Up Mountain on top of the car park, a steel main load-bearing structure was conceived around a concrete core. Also other lightweight products have been chosen for the building elements. For the houses a lightweight composite was chosen that has an appealing, high-quality finish that can hardly be distinguished from architectural concrete. Flexible building layout A maximum living quality has been sought in several ways. In the spatial structure, 45 flats have been inserted like boxes in a structure, varying in size from about 80 m² to almost 400 m². The residents were free to partition their homes according to their individual needs and to merge or split units. This responds to current and future needs for flexibility.

作為停車場頂部Up Mountain設計的核心部分,圍繞混凝土核心構築了鋼製主承重結構。 還選擇了其他輕質產品作為建築元素。 對於房屋,選擇了一種輕質的複合材料,其具有引人注目的高質量飾面,很難與建築混凝土區分開。 靈活的建築佈局通過多種方式尋求最高的生活質量。 在空間結構中,已像箱子一樣將45個公寓插入到結構中,大小從80平方米到近400平方米不等。 居民可以根據自己的需要隨意劃分房屋,並合併或拆分房屋。 這響應了當前和將來對靈活性的需求。

These adaptations have no effect on the shell, which is therefore destined to last a long time. The architects created a volume that rises in staggered formation, with a series of terraces facing the south that offer panoramic views over Amstelveen and the city park. In addition, the residential building has an atrium that opens onto all the flats and hurdles upward in harmony with the building’s projections, tapering towards the top with a glass roof. The atrium offers space for meeting and encourages social interaction.

這些修改對外殼沒有影響,因此必須持續很長時間。 建築師創造了一個交錯排列的空間,一系列面向南的露台可欣賞到阿姆斯特爾芬(Amstelveen)和城市公園的全景。 此外,該住宅樓的中庭可通向所有公寓,並與建築的投影和諧地向上跨欄,並通過玻璃屋頂向頂部逐漸變細。 中庭為聚會提供了空間,並促進了社交互動。

Coherent in character The challenge was to create strong architectural coherence despite the fact that the building’s three parts – residential, department store and car park – have different functions and characters. That’s why the architecture is based on a common guiding theme: ‘warp and weft’, which refers to the weaving of longitudinal and transverse threads on a loom. With this, spatially interesting facades have been composed for the three building volumes, each with its own characteristics and material.

人物連貫性儘管建築物的三個部分(住宅,百貨商店和停車場)具有不同的功能和特徵,但挑戰仍然是如何實現強大的建築連貫性。 這就是為什麼該體系結構基於一個共同的指導主題:“經線和緯線”,即在織機上編織縱向和橫向線的原因。 這樣,就為三個建築體組成了具有空間趣味性的外牆,每個都有其自身的特徵和材料。

Three-dimensional perforated aluminum panels on a steel construction give the façades an attractive appearance. Adding liveability to the city Besides the engineering challenge, both social cohesion and liveability play a role in this project. The formerly monofunctional area between Buitenplein and Handelsplein was relatively quiet at night. The addition of the Up Mountain multifunctional complex with dwellings is attracting residents so now there’s activity during the day and in the evenings.

鋼結構上的三維穿孔鋁板使立面具有誘人的外觀。 為城市增加宜居性除了工程方面的挑戰外,社會凝聚力和宜居性在該項目中也發揮著作用。 Buitenplein和Handelsplein之間以前是單功能的區域,晚上相對安靜。 帶有住宅的上山多功能綜合大樓的加入吸引了居民,因此現在白天和晚上都有活動。

Natuurlijke ventilatie voor Up Mountain in Amstelveen


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