Architects: Yong Ju Lee Architecture
Area: 74 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Yong Ju Lee Architecture, Studio Goo
Manufacturers: Robert McNeel & Associates
Lead Architects:Yong Ju Lee
Design Team:Minji Park
Clients:Soda Museum
Fabrication:Sunjin Plus
Country:South Korea

建築師:Yong Ju Lee建築
製造商:Robert McNeel&Associates
面料:Sunjin Plus

The Wind Shape is a large-scale installation simulating the continuous movement of fabric blowing in the wind. The installed site is at Soda Museum in Hwaseong, South Korea, renovated from abandoned public bath facility and its old exposed concrete walls are used for the outdoor gallery.

風形是一種大型裝置,用於模擬織物在風中的連續運動。 安裝地點位於韓國華城市蘇打博物館,由廢棄的公共浴室設施翻新而成,其舊的裸露混凝土牆用於室外畫廊。

Through a computer dynamic engine in real time, overall shape with 300 different triangles are manipulated to find the optimized form for site condition, structure and cost as well as intuitive design of wind itself. Wind blowing canopy occupies the site and leads visitors’ route in bending form. It moves up and down, touching ground and sticking out over the wall.

通過實時的計算機動態引擎,可以操縱具有300個不同三角形的整體形狀,以找到適合現場條件,結構和成本以及風本身直觀設計的最佳形式。 風篷遮蓋了整個場地,並以彎曲的形式引導遊客的路線。 它向上和向下移動,接觸地面並突出在牆上。

Perforated pattern on the surface emphasizes the flow and wrinkle on the metal fabric and creates the shade under to rest and play with. Making visual contrast to raw concrete wall, white metal fabric attracts visitors and provides surreal atmosphere with spatial quality.

表面上的穿孔圖案強調了金屬織物上的流動性和皺紋,並在下面形成陰影以供休息和使用。 白色金屬織物與原始混凝土牆形成視覺對比,吸引了遊客,並提供了具有空間品質的超現實氛圍。

People can also perceive this three dimensional installation though various opening in existing wall. 1.2mm and 1.6mm metal plates fabricated by CNC machine are assembled by welding and bolting and attached to the existing wall by mechanical anchoring.

人們還可以通過現有牆壁上的各種開口來感知這種三維安裝。 CNC機加工的1.2mm和1.6mm金屬板通過焊接和螺栓連接進行組裝,並通過機械錨固將其固定在現有的牆壁上。

소다미술관 I 《Flow Project: 움직임을 짓다》展 I Making film

The Wind Shape is design for the exhibition “Flow Project : Building the Movement” at Soda Museum.



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