Architect Pekka Littow has used Finnish spruce and birch plywood for off-grid holiday home Majamaja, which is perched on a rocky outcrop by the sea just outside of Helsinki.

Majamaja will eventually be a cluster of five cabins, one of which has already been completed, and a sauna that will be available for eco-friendly overnight stays.

建築師Pekka Littow在離網度假屋Majamaja中使用了芬蘭云杉和樺木膠合板,該度假屋坐落在赫爾辛基郊外的岩石露頭上。


Made from black painted native spruce, the cabin operates off the main electricity grid, with solar panels on the roof to provide electricity.

The simple gabled cabin is accessed by a narrow wooden deck that forms a bridge over the rocks between the end of the forest and the door.



Another door opens on to a wooden deck facing the sea. A wide window has unobstructed views of the landscape.

Inside are a kitchen area and bathroom with a shower and dry toilet. Space-saving furniture folds down from the wall when needed to maximise the use of space in a minimal set-up. Birch plywood doors can be used to hide the kitchenette from view.

另一扇門通向面向大海的木製甲板。 寬大的窗戶可以一覽無餘的景觀。

內部是廚房區以及帶淋浴和乾廁的浴室。 需要時,可將節省空間的家具從牆壁上折疊下來,以最小的設置最大程度地利用空間。 樺木膠合板門可用於隱藏小廚房。

As well as solar panels for electricity, the cabin has a closed-loop water system to minimise water waste from the shower and sink.

“The purpose of Majamaja is to show how small-scale architecture, combined with green technology, can compensate for big volumes and centralised on-grid systems,” said Pekka Littow.

“Majamaja offers dwellers an opportunity to disconnect from daily routines and an educational eco-living experience, yet close to the hustle and bustle of the city.”


Pekka Littow說:“ Majamaja的目的是展示結合綠色技術的小規模建築如何補償大體積和集中式的並網系統。”

“ Majamaja為居民提供了擺脫日常工作和教育性生態生活體驗的機會,但又遠離城市的喧囂。”

Located in Vuorilahdenniemi, the cabins are just a 30-minute bike ride from the centre of the Finnish capital.

Helsinki is set on a peninsula and surrounded by the sea on three sides and there are 330 islands in its archipelago. Majamaja is part of the City of Helsinki’s Maritime Strategy 2030, which aims to invest in making the island chain a popular tourist destination while preserving the natural environment over the next decade.


赫爾辛基坐落在一個半島上,三面環海,其群島上有330個島嶼。 Majamaja是赫爾辛基市《 2030年海上戰略》的一部分,該戰略旨在投資使該島鏈成為受歡迎的旅遊勝地,同時在未來十年內保護自然環境。

Last year, Helsinki launched an app called Think Sustainably that serves as an environmentally conscious city guide for residents and tourists alike.

More off-grid cabin designs for islands include an artist’s retreat in an ancient olive grove in Mallorca and a holiday home on an island off of Tasmania that features an outdoor deck with a sunken bath.

Photography is by Marc Goodwin.



攝影是馬克·古德溫(Marc Goodwin)拍攝的。


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