Design studio Linehouse has converted a Shanghai office block’s swimming pool into an additional workspace, using a palette of blue vinyl, peachy leather and light-hued timber.

The swimming pool was part of the fitness facilities made for office workers of the Jing’An Kerry Centre, a mixed-use development in Shanghai’s Jing’An district designed by architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox back in 2013.


游泳池是靜安嘉里中心辦公室員工健身設施的一部分,靜安嘉里中心是上海靜安區的一項綜合用途開發項目,由建築公司Kohn Pedersen Fox於2013年設計。

However as the pool was rarely used, locally-based studio Linehouse was asked to convert the room into something slightly more practical.

It now plays host to various seating areas where staff can work or host informal catch-ups with clients throughout the day. Businesses in the development can also choose to use the room for corporate events or talks.

但是,由於很少使用游泳池,因此要求當地的Studio Studio Studio將房間改成更實用的東西。

現在,它可以接待各種座位區,工作人員可以全天工作或與客戶進行非正式的接洽。 開發中的企業還可以選擇使用會議室進行公司活動或演講。

The focal point of the room is still the swimming pool, but it has been drained of water and lined with flecked blue vinyl from flooring specialists Tarkett.

“It was a great opportunity to play with levels which normally an existing interior space does not allow,” Linehouse’s co-founder, Alex Mok, told Dezeen.


Linehouse的聯合創始人莫克斯(Alex Mok)告訴Dezeen:“這是一個很好的機會,可以使用通常現有的內部空間無法提供的水平空間。”

Flights of steps that double up as seats have been built-in at the side of the pool, topped with baby-pink cushions. A semi-circular banquette upholstered in peachy-coloured leather has then been created at the far end of the pool.

The studio also decided to preserve the huge oval skylight that lies directly above the pool.

Around the skylight runs spherical pendant lamps and a series of light-hued timber fins, some of which extended down towards the floor to form slatted screens.

泳池側面內置了台階,可將座位增加一倍,上面還舖有嬰兒粉色墊子。 然後在游泳池的盡頭製作了一個用桃紅色皮革裝飾的半圓形宴會。



Should workers need to take a call, they can escape to one of the private phone booths which are at the peripheries of the room.

Inside, the booths are lined with leaf-printed wallpaper from Calico.



There’s also a small cafe anchored by a Ceppo Nova stone counter and a formal boardroom enclosed by a curved pane of glass.

The black gridding across the glass is meant to mimic the form of the blue wainscotting that lines the room’s walls. Emerald-green wainscoting features in the meetings rooms, which have been created inside the swimming pool’s former changing areas.

在Ceppo Nova石材櫃檯旁還設有一個小咖啡館,在一個弧形玻璃窗圍成的正式會議室中。

玻璃上的黑色網格旨在模仿襯在房間牆壁上的藍色護牆板的形式。 會議室中的翡翠綠色護牆板特徵是在游泳池以前的更衣區域內創建的。

Linehouse was set up by Alex Mok and Briar Hickling in 2013. This isn’t the studio’s first conversion project – last year it turned part of an abandoned factory into a teahouse, where guests enjoy their drinks from inside glass-fronted boxes.

Photography is by Dirk Weiblen.

Linehouse由Alex Mok和Briar Hickling於2013年建立。這不是工作室的第一個改建項目-去年,它把一家廢棄工廠的一部分變成了茶館,客人可以在玻璃前箱中享用飲料。

攝影是Dirk Weiblen的作品。



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